Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unlimited Holidays

Hey Gang!  Today's prompts were right up my alley because when I penned my old blog (TheUnseenUndine) one of the things I was into in a big way was weird holidays.  As it happens, today is 'Make Up Your Own Holiday' which is what the March Challenge is all about.  Additionally, Writer's Island's prompt today is 'unlimited' which is, well, pretty unlimited as far as writing a poem is concerned.

So, first, I'm posting a quick (and rather tongue in cheek) 'unlimited' poem, followed by three holiday poems.  The holiday poems are, in order of appearance, 1.) real 2.) bad and not real and 3.) fun and not real (but maybe should be.)

Image courtesy of Fan Art


“All I want is a warm bed and a kind word and unlimited power.” ~Ashleigh Brilliant

I don’t ask for much
but if I had to pick one,
power works for me.

Image courtesy of Butterfly Alphabet
Cherry Blossom Day

Today is the National Festival of the Cherry Blossom.
Isn’t that awesome?


National Paper Cut Day

We celebrate this day not with parades
but rather (OUCH!) with Band Aids.


The First Annual Push Pin Celebration

Today marks the holiday creation
called the Push Pin Celebration.
It’s a day where we reward
those things stuck in your bulletin board.
Have a picture, card or saying?
Use the push pin for displaying
all those things with deeper meaning.
Tack ‘em up for easy screening.
Prettier than plain thumb tacks;
fill your board up to the max!
But bear in mind when pinning goals
these pins will leave some tiny holes.
Nonetheless, the fest begins -
let’s celebrate those great push pins!



  1. Ah, power. A good, if dangerous word. Nicely done.

  2. Ahh, the power of cherry blossoms to set the heart aflutter, paper cuts to ruin that good feeling, and push pins to hold it all together in one place.


  3. I could get behind that pushpin thing. Used to have some in strange shapes, animals and cartoon characters, don't recall what ever happened to them.

  4. Can we add in staples also?

  5. beautiful trio. loved them all. the third one was cute, the first one beautiful and the one in the middle gave me a big grin.


  6. I enjoyed all of these; I love the lighthearted tone.

  7. You've given us a feast of poems today - every one a gem.