Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am what I am...

Image courtesy of Miss Finesse


"Penny Trait’s my name,”
mumbled the drag queen.  “And yes,
I am what I am.”

Notes:  Three Word Wednesday's three prompt words today are drag, penetrate and mumble.  One of my favorite shows ever is La Cage Aux Folles.  I was actually lucky enough to see it way back when, when it was at the original Palace Theatre in NYC.  I've seen it several times since then.  

Because of the prompt words, this 5/7/5 haiku practically 'Broadway-belted' itself at me to sing...errrrrm...write it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some Miscellaneous Stuff

Image courtesy of Poetry Through the Ages


"I would especially like to recourt the Muse of poetry, who ran off with the mailman four years ago, and drops me only a scribbled postcard from time to time." ~ John Updike

Having a great time.
Wish you were here.  Another
time, perhaps?  Love, Muse       


Image courtesy of Keith R. Good
Night Sky

“Metaphor for the night sky: A trillion asterisks and no explanations”.  ~Robert Brault

I’ll never offer
explanations…but look up.
You might find me there.


Origin of image is unknown.

Oh Fiddlesticks!

A fellow who felt he’d been had
re buying a dubious ‘Strad’
found his authentication
lacked substantiation.
Oh fiddlesticks!  He was sure mad.


Notes:  The first poem is a 5/7/5 Haiku.  The prompt was 'Muse' from Sunday Scribblings.  The second poem is also a 5/7/5 Haiku.  The prompt was 'Moon' from Poetic Bloomings, and the photograph was taken (and provided for) by Marie Elena Good's husband Keith.  The final poem is a Limerick, inspired by the fun wordplay over at Mad Kane's Humor Blog,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seven Girls

Image courtesy of Angie Bergen Collection

Image courtesy of Photography-on-the-net

Seven Girls

Faded background, long ringlet curls:
sign of the times from yesteryear.
The worn faces of seven girls
wearing vague smiles, mostly austere.
Updated background, tattoos and swirls:      
sign of the times from modern day.
Made-up faces of seven girls:
wholly different kind of display.
Times have changed; and this resonates.  It’s true…
each photograph could capture me or you.    


Notes:  The prompt from Sepia Saturday was to either use their vintage photograph (a marvelous one which I still might use!) or use one of our own.  Inspired by some of the work of Bob Scotney, I decided to do a contrast(ish) poem, using an old and a new photograph which I paired with the poetic form Sonnetina Tre.

Thanks for visiting.  My wish for tonight?  Stay dry, warm and safe.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Thirteen

No...this is not a picture of the path of Hurricane Irene.  It is a colorful depiction of the original 13 colonies of the United States.  Why?  Read on...

13 Ways of Looking at 13

I.                   Friggatriskaidekaphobia – which is the fear of Friday the 13th, as is…

II.                Paraskevidekatriaphobia – which is also a fear of Friday the 13th, not to be confused with…

III.             Triskaidekaphobiawhich is a fear of all things related to the number 13, which is the polar opposite of…

IV.             Triskaidekamania – which means you must really, REALLY love the number 13.

V.                There were 13 original colonies in the USA.

VI.              It’s a prime number.

VII.            Apollo 13.  Houston…we’ve got a problem.

VIII.          It’s part of the Fibonacci sequence, which is poetic as well as mathematical.

IX.             Teens can’t wait for this birthday, because then they can proudly announce to the world that they are officially teens.

X.                A deck of regular playing cards has 13 spades, 13 hearts, 13 clubs and 13 diamonds.  In addition to a couple of jokers, of course.

XI.             Most modern American apartment buildings do not have a 13th floor.

XII.          Ancient Sumerian used a zodiac which consisted of 13 constellations and 26 main stars; the shield of the old Slav divinity Prono was decorated with thirteen white points and there are thirteen cords of the harp in Japan.

XIII.       A Bakers Dozen – If you buy a dozen donuts or bagels, you get one extra donut or bagel, which is always a good – and (as I see it) a lucky thing!

Notes:  This little list above was written in response to a prompt by We Write Poems

The idea was to pen something in the same vein [sort of] as Stevens' '
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.'  And just so you know, the picture of the map of the original 13 US colonies was not a test to see if you could identify the states by their shapes.  (Ha!)

            Rather, it was posted in conjunction with my list, but more than that, it is also a message to all my friends who live on the eastern seaboard to please take the advised precautions and to please stay safe.