Monday, August 1, 2011

You never know what might happen when you dip your toes in a creek...

Image courtesy of Monday's Child

One Morning, I Dipped My Toes in the Creek

One morning, I dipped my toes in the creek.
To my surprise, I had companionship:
A turtle, some fish and three ducks. Unique.

Why do I say that?  The white duck did speak!
She said to me, “Hey!” and waved a wing tip
the morning I dipped my toes in the creek.

At first I was dumbstruck – and then I did shriek.
The turtle said, “Dude, kindly get a grip.”
Hey turtle!  With fish and three ducks?  Unique!

 “You don’t meet talking turtles every week,”
I replied.  “We do!” the wee ducks did quip
the morning I dipped my toes in the creek.

A fish said, “It’s cool.”  (He spoke with a squeak)
 “The turtle is Bob and I am called Kip.”
A turtle?  Some fish?  And three ducks?!  Unique!

“Hi, Bob.  Hi, Kip,” I then told them, “I’m Deke,
and meeting you all is really a pip!
Who’da thought…when I chanced by this ol’ creek.

I spent the day being part of their clique,
flipping and dipping and skipping.  A trip!
One morning, I dipped my toes in the creek.
A turtle, fish, some ducks and me. Unique.

Notes:  I was delighted to discover that Monday's Child is back with the prompts today.  I always love the gentle illustrations posted there which bring back an earlier and more innocent era. 

Today's poem is in the form of a Villanelle.  (I figured it was time to try it again.)  It is also my way of saying that I love rhyming anthropomorphics, even if it's something 'they say' you're not supposed to do.  (Who is this 'they' anyway?)

Happy August!

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  1. What a fun read it reads like a song....into a creek so unique....very nicely done..bkm