Thursday, August 4, 2011

Contradiction in Terms

Image courtesy of crazysexylife

Contradiction…A Queron

I like blue eyes
(‘though I have brown.)
I like storm skies.
I’m verb, not noun.
I improvise.

I won’t back down
and that’s what’s what …
I wear a crown
of if and but.
It’s no disguise.

Am I a nut?
Then, what’s the norm?
Deep in my gut?
It’s “Don’t conform.”
(Yeah…got that down.)

I’m plexiform*…
but that’s my norm.

Notes:  One of the people I've 'met' at Poetic Asides is a talented poet named Daniel Ari. He invented a new poetic form called Queron.  It's kind of complicated, but fun and a worthwhile challenge, nonetheless.  Above these notes is my first attempt at trying the form, and while it's normally written in longer syllabic lines than what I did (4 syllables per line) it is a flexible enough form to allow for the variations.  

I encourage you to check it out and give Queron a shot.  You may find yourself surprised at the results - in a really good way.

* Plexiform, according to the 1913 Webster's Dictionary, means networked or complicated .


  1. Daniel Ari is not of this world. I'm convinced that he, Harker, and several others were all dropped down here like Superman, in a little egg ship, to impart wisdom and beauty in the world. Love the form, and this poem is SO YOU! Your declaration of indignation that anyone will tell you to be otherwise. Love it! Amy

  2. Hey RJ!

    Yay for your queron--and for you. I wanted to let you know that I am sending a new poet to your blog for inspiration. From what I've read of her work so far, your deep levity will offer excellent example and spark.