Monday, June 27, 2011


Monday's Child Prompt - Illustration by Clara Burd


Bunnies love blueberries, and so do I.
I picked plenty this morning, so I’ll share.
Maybe I can save enough for a pie.
(Somehow I doubt I’ll have any to spare.)
Bunnies…would you pick more berries?  Come on,
and I’ll show you how.  It’s easy as pie.
We need more blueberries ‘cause they’re all gone.
They tasted so good, we ate our supply!
Let’s pick more tomorrow.  Bunnies, goodbye.


Notes: The form is Novelinee.  The illustration is a sweet gentle picture that brought to mind a small child sharing his bucket of blueberries with some of the forest animals.

As you may have noticed, I have not been around much in recent time.  There is a reason for that, but it is actually writing-related:  I am working to complete a middle grade historical novel.  

Because I attended a NJ SCBWI First Page session with two editors from know publishing houses, back in mid-April, I was given a three-month window of opportunity for submitting the finished book to those editors.  But...unlike previous sessions I had attended in past years, this time I only had the story sketch and the first page written.  (In the past, I've had entire books already written.)


Therefore, I have been researching and writing like crazy to get the book written (and polished) by the mid-July deadline.  I think I'm in the home stretch right now - so please keep your fingers crossed.

And after mid-July, I hope to be back in the proverbial saddle again, posting (and reading) poetry!  ☼