Monday, May 30, 2016


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
A Venice Canal, 1868/Eugenio Lucas Velazquez (1817-1870)
Public Domain


What secrets bridge the span as they stand, bestridden
across the damp, ancient sandstone fa├žade?
While the view may appear handsome, it is still forbidden,
since its face, its veneer, remains impenetrable and unsolvable.
Perhaps, in the aged mortar, someone slid in
a secret message or a cipher,
locked within the seams because that person didn’t
want the significance known by man or god,
and so, for all eternity, it shall remain hidden. 


Notes: The form is Magic 9, a very fun, addicting form.  It was recently featured at Poetic Asides, as the latest in their Forms Challenges.  The poem was inspired by Sepia Saturday's picture prompt: