Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spontaneity and The Single Girl's Anthem

The March Challenge (in honor of National Goof-Off Day - oh gosh - I ♥ that!) prompts writers today with the word 'spontaneity.'  Tess' heraldic photograph is the prompt of today's Magpie Tales
Image courtesy of Fire Zine

Making It Up As I Go Along…

I love a strong displayity
of good ol’ spontaneity.
Impulsiveness has got its hold
on folks whose actions break the mold.
And when one goes on ‘off the cuff’?
Can’t get enough of ad-libbed stuff!
It’s fun to see what happens next     
with unexpected odd context.
Hurray extemporaneity!
Hurray for spontaneity!


The Single Girl’s Anthem

Love is my Sword, Goodness my Armor and Humor my Shield. ~Anonymous

I’d like to take a stab at love.
O goodness - please guard me!
Still, I’ll advance…
I’ll take that chance
(I hope that he won’t flee!)

I’d like to take a stab at love,
new world’s to be explored.
I’m wicked cute
and smart to boot,
but humor’s not my sword.

I’d like to take a stab at love -
it’s tough to play the field.
I meet a dude
and soon conclude
that humor is my shield.



  1. the second one is too good!!!!!

  2. the forever dillema between love and loss and all the risks in between, certainly a sword sharp question, great take on prompt lightverse.

  3. Really liked both of these. In the first you take some poetic license, which when handled artfully (as you do ) adds to the fun of thing.

    The second had excellent structure, a fun theme and good rhymes. Guessing the last stanza is autobiographical...takes one to know one I guess. Good job. Vb

  4. I'd like to say that I'm a fan of spontaneity, but I'd be lying and I don't do that either!
    And the second piece... makes me glad I son't have to do that!

  5. 120 Socks - thanks! It's been a while since I was a single girl (I've been happily married for fifteen plus years, but actually together with my husband for 18!)

    I looked up quotes on heraldry and shields - and the quote jumped out at me. From there, the words just came out. But thanks again!

  6. versebender - thanks! With regard to the second poem, from the days when I was a single lady living and working in NYC - well, let's just say I had more than my fair share of funny-the-next-day stories to tell my friends.

  7. Kim - I am fairly spontaneous, And I'm married to a planner. They say opposites attract - and in my case, it's true.

    Also, like you, I'm glad I don't have to do battle in the world of singles. I think if I had to do it now, I would just surrender. ☼

  8. Felt a southern American touch to the language here.. I've not been to the states, so not sure of it :) Liked the first one better, thank u very much for sharing..!

    Here's My Magpie

  9. Both great... a little spontaneity is good for the soul and for the single girl!


  10. ou have both in spades: humour and spontaneity.

  11. I may have to print this out and carry it with me .... bears reading more than once, especially when out on a date? And here's to being spontaneous.

  12. Vinay - interesting that you said that, because although I've visited the South in the US, I am a Northeastern girl. ☼

    But thanks for the nice words!

  13. Helen - wow! You really do honor me! Thanks so much! ♥

  14. Sad to say, spontaneity is not my strong suit ... and it's been too long to remember being single - LOL! But I can confidently say ... great pens ... becca

  15. Wonderful reads! Thoughtful and fun...

  16. good plan for life ... and if you have the wall ornament as a backup you're set

  17. It always helps to have a sense of humor!

  18. Two top drawer examples of alternative thinking! LOL

  19. Thanks lightverse for visiting my blog and leaving a comment re magpie prompt. I have posted a continuation of the story, if you want to visit the blog under the label 'Saving Sobul'. I have just added myself as a follower, so looking forward to keeping up with your blog.