Friday, March 25, 2011

There's No Uniformity To This Post

Prompts today are

1.) One Stop Poetry.  This site is definitely in a New York State of Mind.  I ♥ New York!

2.) The March Challenge.  Pancakes were first flipped today, so breakfast is on the menu there.  Yum!

3.) Big Tent Poetry.  The idea is to take an earlier work of one's own and do something 'different' with it, using a tool from their fun list of Poetry Toys.  I used my poem 'Little Willie #1', put it through BabelFish (translated to Japanese) and then re-translated it back to English.  And if you want to learn more about Little Willie poems, check this out.

Okay...ready?  Here we go...

Image courtesy of losanjealous

Aromatic Awakening

Woke up to a smell...
emanating...The kitchen!
Ah! Coffee’s brewing.


Image courtesy of StandUp for Kids - New York
 In A New York State of Mind


I have a small magnet of the Brooklyn Bridge
stuck as a memento on the door of my ‘fridge.

Curtain Call

Is there anything that truly excites
as much as Broadway opening nights?

Lincoln & Holland

It’s an hour long back-up, as the traffic funnels
across the Hudson, in each of the tunnels. 


Image courtesy of Ruthless Rhymes
Twisted Little Willie

Little Willie #1

Little Willie said, "Bless you,"
when he served Nell toxic glue.
Nell got sick and died with haste.
Shoulda stuck to white school paste

小さいウィリーは、"言った; "賛美しなさい; 彼がNellの有毒物質の接着剤に役立った時。 Nellは急ぎと病気そして死なれて得た。 Shouldaは白い学校ののりに付いた

As for small [uiri], " You said; " Praise;
When he is useful to the adhesive of the toxic material of Nell.
Nell could the hurrying and the sickness and you dying.
Shoulda was attached to the paste of the white school



  1. Love the posts, RJ, you always bring a smile to my face.


  2. Little Willie spied a girl
    hiny curls that bounced just right
    'Cause she really blew his mind
    He blew her up with dynamite.

    Little Willie...who I do. Awesome RJ!!!

  3. Missed the "S" should say "Shiny"

  4. Elaine yuo're a class act! Hehehe! Sorry RJ, for hogging a commment in that way! LOL. Twisted Willie gets my vote...

  5. Elaine - bwahahahaha! You are too funny! Glad to see another fan of the nasty Little Willie genre! (And about that hiney thing...)

  6. Jinksy - no apologies necessary! I would have said something similar myself, but you beat me to the punch! haha - and thanks!

  7. I love the New York ones best - you capture it well.

  8. I always leave here with a smile!:D

  9. Being in NYC at the moment, I can definitely say: the tunnels one is frustratingly accurate. :P

  10. Its one thing to be prolific...its quite another to be prolific and good. Give the rest of us a break! My favorite was New York State of Mind. Pithy and clever. Vb

  11. Good to see lightverse, truly brightened my day. I like the haiku about coffee especially.

  12. ha i sat in that traffic earlier...and hope to takee in a show tomorrow or sunday...

  13. You react to coffee the way I react to tea! The rest are simple delights.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. always know, I can find a laugh here

  15. We need a new acronym celebrating coffee. Like TGIF but TGFC. I think I will sell some mugs. :-)

  16. loved all but the last one, the last one was scary. kids and their cruel games. :(


  17. a nice read, your work! thank you!