Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Meaning of Food

All three of today's poems are in the poetic form Cavatina, and all three deal with the symbology of herbs, flowers and food.  Magpie Tales provided a delectable picture of fresh garlic. Carry On Tuesday gave the word prompt of "And that is how I remember them," and Cloaked Monk's March Challenge (in honor of Mardi Gras) posted the word prompt of 'abundance.'


"Stop and smell the garlic! That's all you have to do." - William Shatner

"The only advice I can give to aspiring writers is don't do it unless you're willing to give your whole life to it. Red wine and garlic also helps." - Jim Harrison

Come into the kitchen – guess what’s cooking?
Ahhh!  Take a sniff.
Garlic, tomatoes, a bit of red wine –
ahhhh!  Get a whiff.
Good sauce, like a good love story takes time...
you know.  As if.
Just a pinch of that and a dash of this,
and while you’re waiting, come give me a kiss.

Image courtesy of AnushaHerbalist

A Crown for the Past

"There's rosemary; that's for remembrance. Pray, love, remember." ~Shakespeare, Hamlet

Whenever I happen to think of past
times that we’ve shared
it’s usually because I smelled something
and it gets paired
to an event - but there were so many.
Emotions bared
like rosemary placed in a diadem
because that is how I remember them.

Artist unknown
Symbology in Nature

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” ~Epicurus

Abundance is full of symbology:
Walnuts, corn, wheat
and pomegranates all mean a kind of
gift that’s replete
with bounty, though not necessarily
wealth.  Life is sweet
when one considers what Nature offers:
there is much abundance in her coffers.



  1. As always such clever pieces, RJ. I especially like the first one.


  2. All this abundance of earths gifts should make us all so thankful for the bounty and beauty of these gifts that we take for granted as we daily cook and dine...nice RJ...bkm

  3. Loved all...

    I really like how we get so many ideas out of one photo. Everyone interpreting it differently.

    viscous time

  4. You certainly were inspired! I have the feeling there could be more to come on this theme.

  5. bkm...so true! Makes me want to start a fresh new sauce - for which I'm glad! Thanks!

  6. Gautami - it really is true - we each see something different in a picture. Thanks!

  7. An abundance of delicious poetry. Thank you.

  8. Thanks, Janice. You very well may be right! ☼

  9. Love that first piece. The last line is just right. And the rosemary... I grow many varieties and never tire of its beauty.
    And I am so appreciative of your ongoing support and kindness.

  10. I'm with Viv on that, absolutely
    delicious, RJ.


  11. I LOVE rosemary - I cannot help running my hands down it branch of it, no matter where I see it. I know its rosemary - but until I confirm it with the fragrance on my hands - the experience is not complete! Thank you for your delightful selections for the day. ~becca

  12. "Good sauce, like a good love story takes time..." Great line!

  13. The good sauce line totally caught me. Wonderful. And the symbols of abundance exploration was lovely.


  14. Like the ingredients of your sauce... much flavor added, a wonderful combination, delicate balance, great reflections.

  15. Loved all three Cavatinas (only ever heard John Williams play it on the guitar before) Made me smile...a lot!

  16. A lovely trio of writes! I loved each one!

  17. Three cloves can make a tasty dish...

  18. Glad to have you share...

    awesome pieces.

  19. Yes, the key to a good sauce is time, just like a love story.

  20. The best things take time - these are lovely pieces...

  21. and while you’re waiting, come give me a kiss.
    Best secret ingredient!

  22. That's so many wonderful pieces all in a day's post :)

    was such an entertaining read - stumbled upon here from the Carry on Tuesday site...

    Enjoyed the blog!

    Hv a nice day