Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Da Vinci's Masterpiece

As you may already know, Da Vinci produced several paintings of a certain very well-known lady.  The most famous one hangs in the Louvre.  The others are in private collections.  Not true.  Well, maybe not true.

In my collection, I have one of those masterpiece paintings.  Well...kinda sorta...

See, last year, for my son's birthday party, he wanted a mystery themed party, but not a murder mystery.  (Too violent.)  I suggested a theft mystery, where the other kids could play roles (in costume and with props) and answer questions from him, as the chief detective investigator of the 'crime.'  My son liked the idea but wondered what could be 'stolen.'  I said, "Jewels or art, perhaps?"  He rather enthusiastically chose ART.

So...I wrote out questions for him, and character descriptions for his guests (to go along with the costumes and props we thoughtfully provided) but then realized - we actually needed a work of art.  Through the magic of PhotoShop, we soon 'acquired' our masterpiece and the game was afoot.

Unfortunately, my son's twin sister's slumber party (with a dozen or so screaming tweens) was the night before, and I was hugely (yawn yawn) exhausted from that - but nevertheless, we somehow managed to pull it off.

Okay - enough backstory.

Today's prompts come from The March Challenge (effervescence) and Magpie Tales (a picture of the famed Mona Lisa.)

My poem today is about my work of art.

La Giaconda - The Unforgettable Lady

“She had a real effervescent personality.  You wouldn’t forget her.  That’s for sure.” ~Andrew Jarvis

I think you get the message here.
It seems to come out loud and clear.
No wonder that Da Vinci’d choose her:
She modeled for his Mona Loser.



  1. excellent! love the back story - I wish I'd been that inventive for my kids...

  2. A Big Fat "L" for "LAUGH." Cute and funny!

  3. :D ... chuckle, chuckle!

  4. All of this seems totally true (and fun) to me!!

  5. Good take on the prompt but i loved your back story!

  6. good fun - both prose and poem. Aren't teenage parties exhausting? I feel tired just remembering!

  7. Humorous poetry is so much fun. The theme party sounds like fun too.

  8. Sounds like being one of your kids is a pretty good gig. Funny picture tied to a funny verse. Well done. Vb

  9. The party sounds fun and the poem is rightly clever!

  10. There's a play on words for you! LOL

  11. Brave rhyming! I love the funny ones.