Monday, March 7, 2011

Picture Perfect

When you pair illustrations, artwork, graphics or photos with words, the results can be extraordinarily vivid and exciting.  Monday's Child provides picture prompts every Monday, with gentle childhood themes.  Today's prompt is an illustration by fellow blogger lissa.  The poem I wrote for this is in the form Sonnetina Tre.

Since the theme today for the March Challenge is 'nature' (in honor of Luther Burbank, who was born today in 1849) I decided to use one of my own original photographs to illustrate my poem.  The photo was taken at a recent local garden and flower show, and the poetic form is Ya Du.

Bedtime Story by lissa

Go To Sleep, Katie

Sitting in bed with my most bestest book,
bunny ears on…let the magic begin.
This is the moment I love.  Take a look…
“Go to sleep, Katie!”  “Hey Mom, in a min.”

I’m up to the chapter right near the close,
and what happens next?  A conjurer’s trick!
I know how this ends, but - fun to suppose…
“Go to sleep, Katie!”  “Hey Mom, in a tic.”

I’m finally finished.  Gosh, that was fun!
“Go to sleep, Katie!”  “Okay Mom.  I’m done.”


Branch with Blue Flowers

Petals of blue…
déjà vu. I
sense you, but why?
Is it I see
something I know is part of me?



  1. Both are wonderful!

    Branch with blue flowers is a perfect reminder that we are all connected (my favorite quote, "we are all star stuff.")

    The other, well, I think you recorded a conversation I had with my daughter! And my mother had with me...

  2. Branch with Blue Flowers is one of my favorites. Insightful, simple, true.

  3. I loved them both ... just wonderful :o)

  4. What a delicious post: pictures, poems, everything. Just beautiful.

  5. Both are wonderful. The first reminded me of reading at night, under the covers with a flashlight, so Mom wouldn't know. Yeah, like she just fell off the turnip truck. When enough was enough, she would come in and take my flashlight.

  6. Dreaded words,'Go to Sleep!' Usually said when you know you don't have a bat's chance in hell of obeying them!

  7. You sure captured that one...always that last excuse to wait just one more little bit...lovely timeless writing RJ..thank you...bkm

  8. Never heard of either of those poetic forms before, but they are both lovely. Again, a great write RJ.

  9. Beautiful, inspiring rhymes... love the bedtime take. Fabulous.

  10. Cloaked Monk - thanks! I too have had conversations with my own young daughter and son - as well as with my mom when I was a kid!

    And yes, we are all star stuff. (Awesome quote!)

  11. Mike - lol! (I think my two almost-eleven-year olds both often think I just fell off the turnip truck!) hehe

  12. Jinksy - so true! ha! My kids are so like that - and to be honest, so was I.

  13. Thank YOU, bkm! You're prompt gave me that inspiration!

  14. Reflections - thank you so much for your kind words!

  15. what a wonderful on the Monday's Child prompt and thanks for posting my illustration.

    and such a provoking poem for the March challenge. I think of how we sometimes see ourselves in nature even accidently. but of cause, we are all connected in some way with nature.

    have a lovely day.

  16. Both poems, just lovely..the clever. And the flowers..really deep..

  17. smiles...

    enjoyed the details and your imagination is sharp.
    rock on.