Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stuff to Ponder (for no particular reason, really)

I penned a number of poems today since there were prompts practically a-poppin' out there in the blogosphere today.  F'r instance, Poetic Asides provided this one, "Better off..."  Three Word Wednesday posted, "affinity, motion and fidget," We Write Poems posited, "guardian angel," and finally (because I kind of missed it yesterday) Carry On Tuesday gave us, "Saved by the bell."  The first form is Strambotto Romagnuolo, the second is 5/7/5 Haiku, the third is a Pensee and the fourth is - well, I don't rightly know, but it rhymes.

Image courtesy of Local Point of View


Am I lucky?  Is it just that I’m favored?
Or is it how I look at life?  I don’t know,
but whatever it is, it’s seldom wavered
even if it’s a genuine fluke.  And so,
guardian angel, fairy godmother or cosmic aides -
a mix of all three?  I’ve got ‘em in spades.
And while I cannot say if it is fateful,
I’ll knock wood, wish on stars…and say I’m grateful.


I Fidget

…and did I mention
I have an affinity
for perpetual...

Image courtesy of th-primadonn
Uh…My Dog Ate My Homework?

Come on!
Ring, stupid bell!
Oh God!  Please - please don’t call on me.
I’m unprepared. Man, I'm so sunk.
Ding! Yes! Saved by the bell!

Image courtesy of Psychology Today
Better Off...

One time, I wondered
(please don’t scoff)
if I would have been
better off
if I’d been born a boy.
How weird,
‘cause then I’d have to
shave a beard
most every day.
That sounds so blah.
I’m better off a girl.



  1. Especially like the first piece, the gratitude for simply being able to think and feel in the manner which is simply there. I sometimes get confused by the number of prompts available, but realize they are all inspiration waiting to be responded to. I think you did just fine.


  2. What a treat, I loved them all, delightful!

  3. RJ, all very nicely done. I feel the
    same way as the first one. I am just
    grateful for being here.


  4. My word, you were inspired! I enjoyed them all:-)

  5. I loved this one, and that one, and that one, and oh you get the idea!

  6. Sheilagh Lee said:Wow you were inspired .all of them are wonderful poems

  7. RJ, again, all three are winners. How did you get the 3WW in three lines? You amaze me. Also, the gratitude shown in the first came off as whimsical yet sincere.

    Great work, hon! Here's mine for WWP:

    PS my Captcha was "ornju" as in, "Orange you glad I didn't say 'apple' again?" LOL

  8. Love your first one, RJ.
    I walk in gratitude, too. My experience has taught me that joy is hidden in even the most difficult experiences.

  9. What a selection of treats for us today with excellent illustrations to match.

  10. Nice work, RJ.

    Enjoy that good fortune 'in spades.'

  11. A virtuoso of verse, a menu of meter, a rasher of rhyme. How could it get better?

  12. Where do you get them all from? It's amazing. Time after time, sheer excellence.

  13. You always leave me with a sense that 'everything' is's a real gift you have with making those darker shades of life seem mere wisps we can blow away...(and always good to be a girl)..Jae

  14. Elizabeth - thanks! You know, it's funny the way certain poems affect people in unexpected ways. But I'm glad you liked it.

  15. I'm so glad you enjoyed them, Anthony!

  16. Hey Elaine - yep, I do get the idea - and thanks! ☼

  17. Sheilagh Lee - thank you so much for the kind words!

  18. Thanks, Amy. Isn't it funny - I thought 'Fortunate' - which is a more serious poem for me, was possibly the weakest one of the bunch, but it seems to be one people like, too. I can never fathom stuff like that. But yes, it was totally heartfelt, because I've always (knock wood!) thought I lived a charmed life - but it might just be the way I see things, too. do get the wildest capchas!

  19. Just re-read Better Off, and I have to agree, daily shaving would be a total drag!

    Oh, no, my Captcha is "gerbirk," which I suppose is an irksome gerbil! Amy

  20. Such a treat to read all of these, but your first is my favorite.