Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

Today, March 14th is Pi Day. 



3.14, of course!  It's that crazy, wacky irrational number known as Pi. 

I totally forgot about Pi until this afternoon when I was helping out at a Pi-Party for my daughter's fifth grade math class.  One of the things they talked about in this class was the fact that Pi has no discernible pattern to the numbers appearing in the string after 3.14 (and that's after taking it to the whatever-billionth place!)

Now, as I mentioned earlier, The March Challenge was all about patterns for today's prompt, on account of it being Einstein's birthday today.  (He was born in 1879.)  So I got an idea for another poem.  It was inspired by both Pi and pie, which was, not coincidentally, what was being served for the party's refreshment.

Image courtesy of Zenwerx


There is no pattern
to Pi. It’s irrational
but very tasty.



  1. You Pi Haiku is one of the best of the day. And, oh! Do I yearn for sour cherry... or strawberry rhubarb... or boysenberry...

  2. love this, you know better.

    you can share with potluck today if you wish.

    perfect pie/pi day.


  3. never had the chance of eating a pie, may be some day i will and see. :)


  4. Jingle - thank you! You totally rock!

  5. Old Ollie - can't think of anyone. I mean, c'mon - there must be some kind of pie for everyone, right? Yum!

  6. Trisha - once you start, you won't be able to stop! Ummmmmmm...

  7. nice.. here's my potluck..

  8. very nice Pi Day haiku. i, myself, wrote a ballad to get the creative juices flowing with 6th graders who were given the task of writing a poem or song in honor of Pi Day. (i'm not sure i'll ever think of Old McDonald the same) it was definitely a fun celebration. hope you and your daughter enjoyed your Pi Day as much as i did.

  9. Just like your haiku! Tasty. Love it.