Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Randomness

The prompt sites I visited today had some terrific words and ideas for writing inspiration, but - at least for a few of them - kind of reined me in from writing silly or funny stuff, which is a sweet spot for me.  Nevertheless, that's a good thing, because it forces me to stretch my creative muscle and focus in a different way.  So, that's what I did (although I still managed to get in a few silly and funny things, too.)

Cloaked Monk's March Challenge put forth 'slavery' in honor of Harriet Tubman Day. Theme Thursday gave a word and picture prompt of 'space.' Poets United Thursday Think Tank provided the theme of 'ghosts' and finally (from yesterday, actually) Poetic Asides wanted to see a 'turn around poem.'

Image courtesy of HarrietTubmanBiography


“If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.” ~Abraham Lincoln, letter to A. G. Hodges, Apr. 4, 1864

The wrongness of it
is compounded only by
the act of silence.


Philosopher Insult

“Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.” ~Democritus, Greek philosopher, 460-370 BC

You are but atoms
(in my humble opinion)
plus some empty space.



What Haunts You

“Eat, drink and be scary”.  ~Author Unknown

is a ghost that’s been known to
come back and haunt you.


Image courtesy of QuoteSnack
Turned ‘Round Words

Fighting a liar,
a blushing crow
are just a few
Spoonerisms I know.

A half-warmed fish,
nicking your pose -
these things are fun
in poem or prose.

Soul of ballad,
a lack of pies...
Turned ‘round words
cannot disguise

those belly jeans.
Go help me sod.
The list goes on,
despite how odd

it beams to sea,
that’s the pun fart
‘cause Spoonerisms
are linguistic art.



  1. the haunting one is the most interesting one to me.
    well done.

  2. A stellar set of poems! I found 'Slavery' particularly touching as I've just finished re-reading 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'.

    It always amazes me how a simple prompt can touch a deep chord in us all...loved your post today...:)


  3. ...and my overindulgence tends to hover and haunt the hips.

  4. You are so your Spoonerisms and your push me pull me picture...some great quotes too...

  5. I especially like the haunting photo and poem:)

  6. Amazing what ONE word can produce. Powerful contribution ~ becca

  7. I love the haunting one, RJ!
    All very good poems.


  8. Abraham Lincoln was a man born before his time...I think I'm going to get his bio to read. Not a biography type of reader, but his should be very interesting.

    And I loved your Spoonerism poem....very clever :)

  9. It's quite clear now! Wrap yourself in voluminous ghosty garments and no-one will notice that you've over-eaten!

  10. Checked in for the Ghost prompt from Poets United, but honestly, your spoonerisms made me laugh out loud. "That's the pun fart," indeed!

    Also, "Slavery" was wonderful. Hell, all of it was great.

    Here's my ghosty one:

    Peace, Amy

  11. Wonderfully clever as always! Especially enjoyed your 'Philosopher Insult' ... that and the Spoonerisms got me halfing pretty lard :)

  12. Overindulgence definitely haunts a person for a long time. I liked all of your poems.

  13. Overindulgence - yes, bet a lesson learned the hard way.

  14. Clever, fun. The haunting one was my fave.

  15. Wow, wit, scary and fun~ Great Job!

  16. The space Haiku was my favourite. :)

  17. Great words! Check this for another prompt giving blog -