Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Words

Random. Words.

Today's theme is no theme, because there were so many words with which to contend.  So, instead, I went random.

Three Word Wednesday's words are "dainty, tantalize and haunting,"  We Write Poems' words are a 10-Word Wordle using words from Gordon Lightfoot's Don QuixoteThe March Challenge's word is 'exploration' in honor of the birth of Amerigo Vespucci, who (in other words) came into the world in 1454.

The first poem is a 5/7/5 Haiku, the second is - well, I don't know but it has words and it rhymes - and the third is a double Wreathed Sestet.

Image courtesy of LibHdate

Curiosity Doesn’t Always Have to End in a Bad Way for Cats or Writers

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” ~E.L. Doctorow

gets us to explore new words
as if we were cats.

Image courtesy of Grasshopper
O Wicked Little Sirens

Dainty mini pastries
sit in a sweet box on
my kitchen counter top.

They know my name and they
tantalize me.  Haunting.
I eat them all nonstop.


Image courtesy of spiritalchemy
Prophesy in Dreams

I dreamt I saw a saddlebag,
and this strange saddlebag was filled
with a Windmills' Tavern bar rag,
a flag, a book on hawks, distilled
ocean water (chilled) - and a tag
in the bag said, “The Prophet’s Guild.”

A drunkard from the tavern showed
out of the blue (the code of dreams)
and said, “It seems this would but bode
quite well.”  Then he strode away.  Schemes
of themes get tarnished on the road
when owed to the valley of dreams.



  1. Ah, pastries - paradise; and then not so ;-)
    Enjoyed that.

  2. I'm going to have to look up "wreathed" as applied to rhymes, but I like the way that poem feels. "code of dreams" would make a good collection

    You mentioned "words" often enough that the first time through the haiku I read it as "explore new WORDS". As my cat is on the verbose side, it made sense.

  3. Barbara - Thanks - and thank you for pointing that out, since it was supposed to have been 'words.' I typo'ed there, so I'll fix it now. ☼

  4. A hat-trick of delectable verse..they fit perfectly..the excitement and pleasure of simple things..Jae

  5. As always RJ, I love what you have
    done here. The prophesy of dreams
    is a very imaginative tale.


  6. Pamela - thanks! That one was really difficult because I was trying for something very different from the original - and what kept coming back to me was how weird but prophetic dreams can be - so I decided to go with it.

  7. I keep learning new things about poetry! There are so many forms with which I am unfamiliar (I only write doggerel!) I really liked your wreathed sestet - the words just flowed into and from each other.

  8. sheilagh lee said: so many different types of poetry here and all of them wonderful.

  9. Each one brings me to a wonderful place in my mind. I love the idea of the "code of dreams." That would be such an interesting thing to explore.

  10. I'll stick with the pastries. Ate them all non-stop? That's just the way I'd do it too. Excellent!

  11. Nice choice of words. Your whole post left me hungry!

  12. I loved the idea of the pastries calling your name. I always thought it was my weakness not their strength in enticing me. Great selection of poems for us to nibble on, temptress!

  13. Absolutely loved your three word. You continue to produce outstanding work. Really enjoy your stuff. Vb

  14. Especially enjoyed the dream poem.
    It is so much fun to try to interpret them right
    after. Ten minutes later, they are gone.

  15. How right you are that there are many "words" to write about. As a cat owner I enjoyed the writings about the cats.

  16. Exploring words is one of my favorite pastimes. Not just their meanings, but their sounds and shapes and colors, their histories and uses, the ways they can be broken and changed... I could go on. :)

  17. My personal favorite is definitely the haiku, both for form and content. I too love words--the taste and texture of them. I also like to see how others react to a mouthful of unswallowed phrases. Thanks for sharing this post.

  18. Lovely pieces...I came away feeling good! Thanks. ~Brenda

  19. You tickle me so ... bravo!!! becca