Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Haiku and a Sonnet

Today, I'm doing a double poem post.

First, the Haiku.  February is the month of the Haiku-a-thon!  Few Miles is a site which actively encourages poets to write twenty-eight haiku during February - one for each day of the month. 

Image courtesy Krazykk's Weblog

Contemplating snow.
No plans to shovel it; just
contemplating. Snow.

Second, the Sonnet.  Poetic Asides is currently running their Sonnet Challenge. If you are a Sonnet person, you really should give it a try!  Now, in addition to that, Magpie Tales offered up the photograph below as a writing prompt for this week.  I wrote a Pushkin Sonnet utilizing both sites as my twin inspirations.

Cobbled Bricks

I gingerly tread on old cobbled bricks
which pave the roadway to dark parts, unknown.
I seek Charon to navigate this Styx
but friendless am I on brick-laden stone.
Which door will lead to the warmth of the hearth?
Which door will lead to the chill of a Swarth*?
Crossing these cobbles and bricks bring me fear.
All that surrounds me is cold and austere.
I take but a step, and then look around.
Nothing’s familiar and nothing feels close
except for dread on a scale grandiose;
except for ghosts of the dead that abound.
And then, when all hope has vanished – a light.
It beckons me home, to end this drear night.

(* According to Webster's Dictionary, 1913, one definition of a 'Swarth' is an apparition of a person about to die; a wraith.)



  1. Wow! I am happy to meet a person who write sonnet so lovely. And the haiku is too good.. I love it madly.. Welcome to the Haiku Challenge ! and have a great Haiku Month..

    Haiku on!

    Someone is Special

  2. Loved both haiku and sonnet. Excellently done.

  3. Ditto, everybody else. Both great!

  4. Wow, Elizabeth! Coming from you that is such high praise! Thanks!

  5. Someone is Special - thank you so much for your kind words!

  6. Anthony - thank you! Your nice words are so very appreciated!

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  8. There's just something so elegant and old worldly in a sonnet. Beautiful.

  9. Love the word,"Swarth"..thanks for that! Really, all chilling, and witty haiku!

  10. Thank you, Lyn! I love finding new words that I never knew before, even if they are outdated or archaic. There's something that's just *fun* about it!

  11. I love the Haiku, because it's comforting, and makes me smile, but this sonnet is brilliant. =))))

    Kiss your cheeks. =*

  12. I love a sonnet and yours is etheral and rich. I am intrigued by the word swarth. I love that you enlightened us with the definition. Lovely blog if I handed out awards I would give one to you.

  13. Kenia - wow! Thank you so much! ♪♫♪♫♪ (Me, whistling offkey.)

  14. Kristen - what an incredibly sweet thing to say! I am so touched!

  15. RJ, these are both fabulous!

    I guess you never did receive the email. Now, someone I don't know, is
    reading something that makes absolutely no sense at all:)

  16. I enjoyed both of these very much! :)

  17. I admire anyone who can write a sonnet; I've never managed it.

    Love the haiku.

  18. TillyBud - thanks so much! But as good a writer as you are, I bet you could do sonnets just great!

  19. Quite lovely, your sonnet echos my story, the light at the end... but yours writing is so much deeper than my simple efforts.

  20. Tumblewords - thanks so much! ☼

  21. Thank you, Christine - but I'm sure your poem is brilliant too. I'm going to check it out right now!

  22. Wow indeed! Love both, but then I am partial to sonnets....