Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Hodge Podge of Thoughts

There really isn't any particular theme connecting the following poems posted today, except for the fact that they were all generated by Tuesday prompt sites...just some random writing.  Some are humorous, others - not so much.  To be honest, I never really know where my muse will take me, but that's a muse, by definition.  Right?

Magpie Tales provided a picture prompt ~

the puzzled pieces
of Christchurch lie in ruins
six point three is dire


Sis/Few Miles also provided a picture prompt ~

I had a weird thought:
what if wings were a staircase
with cloud banisters?

Should one tap dance up;
slide down to the newel post
or just ponder flight?


and finally, Carry On Tuesday provided the word/quote prompt of, "Parting is such sweet sorrow..."

Painting by Ford Maddox Brown, 1868-71  
Shakespeare’s Editing Notes From Romeo and Juliet Act II, Scene 2 (as a Luc Bat)

Parting? Doth that be sweet?
Hmmm…How shalt one complete that line?
Who sayeth that?  Define!!!???
Romeo?  Nay.  Assign such speech
to… Juliet! She’d beseech
Romeo to stay  … Each goodbye
for young lovers?  To die!
(This be the crux!) And I’ll direct
them to tragic effect. 
Foreshadowing unchecked, barrow*
shalt they be to’morrow.  
Ah!  Parting is such sweet sorrow…

(*Note: barrow means a large pile of earth over an ancient grave where one or more people are buried.)



  1. A great selection. Yes, the earthquake is terrible.

  2. The first thought I had when I looked at Tess' photo was earthquake. I didn't learn about the devastation in New Zealand until much later in the day .... an eerie feeling to put it mildly. Each of your pieces ~ beautifully written.

  3. Oh Earthquakes - have been in a few and have a few stories to tell. I love the mixtures of themes. Wonderful post

  4. Anthony - thanks! This morning, I started reading about the earthquake, and its massive destruction, and was profoundly saddened. So much in ruins, and so many dead. It is terrible.

  5. Helen - thanks for your kind words. As I just mentioned when commenting (on Anthony's comment) - the jigsawed pieces of Tess' photo immediately put me in mind of the earthquake, and I just started writing. It was the first thing I wrote today, in fact.

  6. Kristen - thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry you had to endure an earthquake, but I'm glad you are here to tell the tale.

    I only experienced one (as far as I know) and that was a very small one. I was a teen in Philly at the time, and it occurred during the night. It woke me out of a sound sleep, but other than a very weird sensation (in the dark) nothing else bad happened.

    I wish that was all that happened in New Zealand. Sadly, it was not.

  7. A fine selection of poems RJ and
    earthquakes scare the daylights
    out of me. Mexico is known for them.
    The last one in Mexico city was `85
    and we are only about an hour from


  8. Pamela - thanks! And please...stay safe.

  9. Oh I love your haiku! Great poetry, all of them. Have been in a lot of eathquakes...so devastating.

  10. So many earthquakes lately. Your words are lovely...b

  11. Wonderful collection... 6.3 is definitely dire! So many lost, so many still being searched for.

  12. You're the second person I have read who linked in with the earthquake and it just goes to show that less is often more, you certainly achieved this.

  13. All well done. The earthquake, of course, moves us all sadly. I absolutely love your response to the staircase....it's beautiful! Finally, the one that linked me here...well done! :) If you get a chance check mine out.

  14. I love all of them, but especially the staircase. Beautiful reflections and selection of words!

  15. L2W2D - thank you - and I'm so sorry you've had to endure an earthquake. How terribly frightening!

  16. splendid collection of awesome poems. each and every one is brilliant.


  17. Good idea to group different prompts - Buy one, get two free?

  18. Reflections - thank you...and yes, the situation is terrible, horrifying.

  19. I didn't think of the earthquake when I created this image, but now realize how timely and symbolic it is.

  20. Tess - it really was symbolic - and for that I thank you. I saw the picture and that's what came to mind immediately - and what I thought you might be trying to say.

    I know interpretations vary wildly for each of us, but I actually didn't even see anything else.

    Weird, huh?

  21. Thank you for the kind words, Elaine!

  22. Trisha - that is so nice of you to say so sweet things!

  23. Trellissimo - thanks - but it kinda just happened that way, y'know?