Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yikes and Yum

Yikes and yum!

Yikes because I still have to do the Poetry Tow Truck poem (see yesterday's prompt), thank the nice folks who dropped by to write sweet comments here and also, visit, read and comment on a whole passel of blogs by the writers and poets whose work I have really gotten into big time in the last few weeks.

Yum because I bought a brand new fondue pot today and - much to my family's delight - made a delish cheese fondue for dinner tonight.

Since Sunday Scribblings wanted us to write about food, I did a poem all about (what else?) fondue.

And since I was in a festive mood about the fondue thing, I kept the spirit going in a 5/7/5 haiku inspired by the photo prompt of Sis/Few Miles.

Here we go!

Image courtesy of Chalet Ticino

O Fondue, I’m Fond of You

Apple slices, cubed baguette,
veggies julienned, and set
on a platter, to be dipped
in a pot that’s been equipped

with some shredded Emmenthal,
Gruyère, white wine, and a small
dash of nutmeg, pepper too,
and some Kirsch and garlic.  Ooooh!

Take a long fork.  Figure eight -
dunk some bread; then on your plate.
If you drop those speared bits - Ooooh!
Kiss the person next to you.


Honey of an Invitation

Bzzz!  Make a beeline
to Polly Nation’s Party!
Bee there or bee square!



  1. Oh, Yum to your fondue poem. Makes me hungry!LOL

  2. I want to come to one of your parties! A delightful rhyme, deliciously enticing.

    PS. I had to go a long way round to get to the actual post might be minor glitch somewhere!

  3. Yummy fondue. I just finished eating and now I'm hungry again. And fun haiku, too.

  4. Love the fondue poem RJ.
    Yummy! I also love the


  5. Looks delicious; fun to eat and fun to read your poems~ Well Done

  6. This had my mouth watering... Yikes and Yum found their calling in your fabulous feast of words. Reminder to self: look into fondue!

  7. Great set ... thanks for the smiles and charming visit. Thanks for sharing ... Thank you for sharing.

    Here is my Haiku for Day 20:

  8. Delicious; and I loved the last line.

  9. Nicely done. So often in a poem like this one the rhymes unbalance the lines. Not here though. Excellent.

  10. Awfully fond of fondue..your poems always read so effortlessly..each word and image is so 'right'..a master baker at work...Jae

  11. Okay... now I need a fondue pot. You've made it sound way too wonderful. Hope your weekend was a great one. I am now typing with my left hand and one finger on the right. Healing! Yay!

  12. i have been missing a lot of poems it seems.

    the first one sounds yummy- the haiku is cute.


  13. Sorry I didn't get to commenting as quickly as I should have done. Catching up now!

    Judy - thanks! The fondue was seriously good!

  14. Old Egg - Sorry about whatever the glitch was (probably me messing up in providing the url.) Thanks!!!

  15. l2w2d - thanks so much! I'm glad it made you hungry! ☼

  16. TLRTC - thanks so much! We used to do fondue when I was a kid, but the interest has been rekindled and my children are ecstatic! I highly recommend it! ☼

  17. Anthony - thanks so much! I had such fun with that!

  18. Dave - thank you! I really tried hard for that, because although rhyme and wordplay are fun and easy for me, metrics are a whole different ballgame.

  19. Jae Rose - thank you! What a tremendous compliment!

  20. SiS - thank you so much for your encouragement and your bright spirit!