Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea Time

Image courtesy of Metal-Art-Decor
Today's post is all about tea.  Iced tea.  Hot tea.  Sweet tea.  Oolong tea.  Chai latte tea.  Tea & Sympathy.  Tea cup.  Tea time.

SiS/Few Miles proposed the word prompt of 'bliss' and Monday's Child posted a playful illustration by Jessie Wilcox Smith (1914) of a small garden party.

Of course, I thought of tea.  Wouldn't you?

My first poem today is the ubiquitous 5/7/5 haiku and my second poem is a Canzonetta. So...sit back, take a nice comforting sip...and enjoy.

Tea & Books

“Tea and books – Mmmmmm, two of life's exquisite pleasures that together bring near-bliss.” ~Christine Hanrahan

I sippa cuppa
while reading a cozy book.
Ah, what bliss this is.


Tea Party

Sipping some tea, just my monkey and me,
telling each other cute poems and tales,
pondering things like the crybaby tree
or potpourri - or the song of blue whales
or the word for “dot over ‘i’” (tittle!)
or bats (they turn left, leaving a cave.) ...Or…?
Then, we sip sweet tea, nibble a little.
We munch and we chat – since this we each savor.

Giggling at jokes, just my monkey and me,
telling each other some weird but true facts
like…porcupines float in water, you see
and slugs have four noses (strange to the max!)
I just found out snails can sleep for three years.
We really don’t know which fact is our fave...or…?
We try a new biscuit that’s known as ‘pig’s ears.’
We munch and we chat – since this we each savor.

Cleaning the dishes, my monkey and me.
He washes; I dry.  We put away stuff.
He says, “Under black light, what glows?  Cat pee!”
I laugh ‘til I cry out, “Gaaah, that’s enough!”
Tea with my monkey is always a blast.
I never can guess what might happen...or…?
Next week we’ll hoot once more, at our repast.
We'll munch and we'll chat – since this we each savor.



  1. Your poem is so darling...taking these two thru the day with their tea and stories...and great lessons the repetition with each verse including "my monkey and me" and "this we each savor"...a delight any young child would love....bkm

  2. RJ, what an adorable poem.
    You have a wonderful imagination.


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! As much as I am a coffee drinker, I am also a tea lover ... love different teas, tea etiquette, and tea "foods", tea parties and the entire experience of having tea. For some reason it is different than having coffee. Thank you for sharing. ~becca~

  4. the first one is bliss. the second one is hilarious.

    just loved them and loved them.


  5. Your haiku--spot on!
    I am a tea drinker who enjoys nothing more than a milky cuppa and a good read. Lovely start to my day, RJ!

  6. RJ, I took a sip of this wonderful post.. Thanks ...

    Someone is Special

  7. bkm...thanks so much! That was the effect I was hoping for - and you got it! Cool!

  8. Pamela - that's huge, coming from you! Thanks!

  9. Becca - how funny you should say that! I am mostly a coffee drinker, too, although I adore chai latte and raspberry iced tea!

    Thanks so much!

  10. Kim - thanks so much! And I hope your hand is doing better. Sending healing vibes your way. ☼

  11. Sweet, sweet take on the tea, just bliss!

    Love the humor found within the twists of the second. Great write.

  12. Reflections - thank you so much!!!

  13. Perfect haiku and I like the rhythm and repetition of the second. Little children would love to join in with this.

  14. Jabblog - thanks so much! I love writing for kids!

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  16. So many useful facts to remember..will just have to get me a monkey friend to "prompt" me..delightful!!

  17. Cute stories at this tea party. You are not the first to use the phrase 'my monkey and me', but it holds it together. I didn't think of the use of a repeated line like that. I'll try that next time.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's Monday's Child #34

  18. A cup of tea and stories - lovely!

  19. Just my kind of tea party. The world is strange and wonderful, like this poem.

  20. I always love tea,
    your words are perfect.
    well penned.

  21. Anna - thank you! It's funny but as soon as I saw the illustration, I heard the words echo in my head, and they just kept repeating themselves.

  22. Andreas - thank you so very much for coming to my tea - and leaving such a nice comment!

  23. Sounds like the best tea ever! My monkey and me...