Friday, February 18, 2011

Books from the World Tree

Two very interesting prompts came down the pike for today.  One was a photo prompt (for the Haiku Challenge) from SiS/Few Miles.  The other was a word prompt from Big Tent Poetry, which essentially said to make a list of 10 titles for one's next book; then choose one of the titles and write a poem from that title.

*Warning:  Shameless Plug Time!  My first (and, at least right now, only) published book of poetry, Mugging for the Camera, (a full length collection of quirky, humorous works) included a poem of the same name, which I wrote especially for the frontispiece of the book.  Cool, right?  (Okay, so buy the book!  Available from,, Barnes&Noble online, etc.)  End of shameless plug.*

Anyway, both were fun and challenging prompts.  The first poem borrows a bit from Norse mythology.  The second...well, you'll see.  And by the way, for the second poem, the poetic form is called Hymnal Measure.



Beneath my old roots
wisdom and fate greet the world…

Image courtesy of Being Latino

Clever?  Whatever.

In the course of human events,
we try to find the wit.
At times that sway shows little sense;
still humor rocks.  Get it?!

Yes, versifying pun or quip
seems to be most clever.
Life’s just a jolly comic strip
so… let’s laugh it up…whatever.


My List of Titles 

1.  Laughter is the Jest Medicine
2.  Puny Puns
3.  The Spam Folder
4.  It’s Takes a Sheaf (of Paper)
5.  Random Versifying
6.  Lip Syncing Off-Key
7.  Obtuse Angles
8.  The Font of No-Ledge (Belle Lettres in Sans Serif)
9.  Don’t Stand Downword
10. Clever?  Whatever.



  1. RJ, your writing is a breath
    of fresh air. Laughter will
    help through difficult times.
    Too bad more people didn't
    think that way.
    As for the book I will check
    it out, thanks for the shameless


  2. I haven't written for the Haiku challenge for a few days. THANK YOU for the reminder and yes, I am with Pamela. Your writing IS a breath of fresh air.

    Enjoyed reading immensely!

    My Poem for this week's Big Tent Prompt.

  3. Pamela - thank you so much! Although I can write deeply emo/angsty poetry - or write in a far more literary style, I tend to write in poetic form and in rhyme. I'm essentially a happy person with a wacky sense of humor - and I generally feel life's too short to be down (at least, for very long) so if I can bring a smile to someone's face. then I'm doing what I think I should be doing.
    Does that make any sense? ☼

  4. Julie - thank you so much! And now - I'm off to see what you've written! (Can't wait!)

  5. I went in that direction as well. I went with the Selkie and you the Yggdrasil. Really lovely Haiku and Clever? Whatever - fun! I will check out your book, I think that if you have a book published you should plug it and there is certainly nothing shameless about that! Bravo.

  6. Kristen - how cool that we thought of the mythological and magical by seeing that lone tree! (Great minds and all that...) ☼

    Anyway. I loved your treatment with regard to the Selkie! Well done!

  7. I love life as a huge comic strip! Congratulations on the book, RJ! I will definitely go find one, although I'd love one that is signed...


  8. Congrats on the collection! As for titles: I like "Clever? Whatever", but "Belles Lettres in Sans-Serif" is cool too... I think it's the "in Sans Serif" that rocks my socks the most. You could have almost any other phrase that fits your works with "in Sans Serif", and I'd say go for it.

  9. Love this Haiku to the core.. RJ thanks for this pacakge..

    Someone is Special

  10. These were excellent. And good luck with the book.

  11. Laurie - thanks so much! If you're interested (no pressure) email me and I'll give you the details. But life is indeed a comic strip - at least in my household!

  12. Wow, Joseph - and thank you so much (in sans serif!) ☼

  13. Love the free-wheeling style of this! Truly fun to read!g

  14. Madeleine - glad it made you laugh!

  15. Tumblewords - thanks for the kind words! ☼