Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kyrielle and 'Ku

Happy Almost Valentine's Day! ♥

Sunday Scribblings' presented their prompt today of '1,000 Years. ' 

SiS/Few Miles' prompt for their Haiku Challenge was a photograph of some 'hot' love.

Other than the 'K', there's not much else these two poems have in common (other than a bit of silliness) but that's the way it goes, sometimes.

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Millennium Stated
A thousand years? The stratagem
of Romans: Use the letter M.
Another way?  10 to the 3rd,
but there are other ways, I’ve heard.

Nine hundred ninety nine plus one
can make 1,000 years, when done.
Is that the way that’s more preferred,
‘cause there are other ways, I’ve heard.

100 decades do sound great.
It’s higher still when in Base 8.*
Oh God – I sound just like a nerd.
Still…there are other ways, I’ve heard.

Consider then the abacus –
a lot of beads.  Who wants the fuss?
A thousand years?  That’s just absurd.
By then we’ll be long gone, I’ve heard.

(* 1,000 in Base 8 is 1,750.)



For Valentine’s Day
channel your inner Elvis:
hunka burning love.



  1. A thousand years IS indeed absurd!!! Nice work on this prompt.

  2. RJ, my head was going a bit topsy turvy with those numbers. Excellent and I got a laugh out of the Elvis haiku :)


  3. both are mind-blowing. well i too prefer the first nice method and forget the rest. :)


  4. Well that was real fun take on the prompt.

  5. Another enjoyable visit to view your creativity. Thank you!

  6. Lovely read and thank you for the different ways we ca look at it!! Enjoyed it and the fun style of writing.
    Looks like a good backdrop that Elvis may have used!! :)

  7. Enjoyed your take on the 'thousand years' prompt! Love your writing style :)

  8. Yes - your knowledge of numbers is dazzling..not silly at Pamela said my head would be spinning if I had to weave that many numbers into a piece of poetry..and always good to channel Elvis..Jae

  9. I have never liked maths, but it's fun with you. Excellent read.

  10. Pamela - guess what? I'm no math whiz either! I got the ideas, and started looking up ways to say 1,000 on the Internet. (Yeah, I know - cheater!)

    Glad 'Elvis' gave you a laugh! Thanks!

  11. Warm Sunshine - thank you so much! How sweet!

  12. Old Egg - thanks so much! It was a bit different, but I like to look at things for outside the proverbial box. ☼

  13. Becca - thank you for your kind words! ♥

  14. A haiku with Elvis’s immortal words. Here are some more, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

  15. Elizabeth - thank you! The feeling is mutual!

  16. Old Altonian - math was never my strong suit (until I became an adult, or as close to one as I can ever be.) But it's fun to try and come up with things like this. so I'm glad you enjoyed it! ☼

  17. Hey Mike - has Elvis left the building yet? ☼

  18. Love them both! There's nothing wrong with channeling your inner nerd. =)

  19. Thanks, Carina! I need to hear that more often! lol!

  20. Wow! loved it both the poem and haiku are fantastic..

    Someone is Special