Saturday, February 12, 2011


Epiphany - that wonderful AHA! flash/bang/boom point in the continuum when you suddenly 'get it' - that perfect moment of revelation and insight, of clarity and understanding.  It’s that split second lightning bolt when all the mystical symbols of the universe work in united precision to open your eyes and your mind.   

Now if only it would happen when one actually needed it to happen, and not in some interval after the fact.

But I digress...

Today's posts are about epiphanies.  With epigraphs.  Why?  Because first, I'm in an epically good mood.  Second, because Writer's Island decided that that particular word should be their prompt of the week (which obviously inspired my first poem) and finally, because I subsequently realized (another epiphany?) that the theme worked kinda nicely for the Haiku Challenge of Sis/Few Miles, too.

Image courtesy of Lenina
How Burns Got His Inspiration

"Nature poets can't walk across the backyard without tripping over an epiphany." ~Christian Wiman

Fair, I cross the yard.
Ouch!  What’s that?  A haggis?  Ah!
I must write an ode.


Misplaced Symbol of Love

"If only there were a longer time between epiphany and epitaph." ~David Glaser

I’m in big trouble!
Here she comes!  Act cool...turn page...
Oh!  That’s where it is!



  1. Two absolute crackers - the first irreverent but funny, and the second made me wince for, presumably, the best man.

  2. Thanks Viv! Actually, after I wrote the Burns 5/7/5, I thought of you and your post about the Burns dinner with haggis. ☼

  3. clever of you.
    both of them funny, neither sentimental, both happy.

    I like.

  4. Both very funny RJ.
    Always a treat to come here:)


  5. An ode to humor in haiku form, better known as a haiku ode. Ya don’t see one of those every day. I cannot stop laughing. Beautifully done.

  6. Funny bits lol

    Mine is here:

  7. Spot on! That would be an excellent trick if we could work it - to get the epiphanies when they mattered most! Fine post.

  8. Friko - yep, that's me! Thanks!!!

  9. Mike - your kind words made my day!

  10. Gloria - glad you were entertained!

  11. Wow, RJ double treat... Awesome.. Awesome..

    Someone is Special