Saturday, February 19, 2011

You never know what you might find...

Poetry Tow Truck has an really unique, interesting idea - watch a TV show, but don't watch the people.  Instead, check out the background on the show, list what you see (or find) there - and write something about that.  Because first, I have to find the time to watch some TV, those thoughts will find themselves in a later post (later today, that is.)

But in the meantime, if you check their pages, you'll be sure to find some cool word prompts at Sis/Few Miles and Writer's IslandSiS/Few Miles' word today?  DebrisWriter's Island 's word today?  Foretell.

And with that, let me just add that I hope you find this post entertaining and fun.

Image courtesy of Zazzle

Dumpster Diving

Hate to throw stuff out?
Disposophobia leads
to debris rescue.

(Disposophobia, as the name implies, means fear of throwing stuff out.  And just so you know, I don't actually do dumpster diving...I just thought it was a real find as far as subject matter was concerned.)


Image courtesy of Hey Miller

The Fortune Teller Speaks

Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future. ~Niels Bohr

I foretell these very things:
earthquake, war and plague,
but also joy and happiness,
since I predict it vague.

The future is uncertain
and that we know for sure.
But cross my palm with silver ~
there’s more ‘nebulous’ in store.



  1. Ha, this was great! I want to be this fun and clever in my next life! First I may need to re-examine my garbage for any lost treasures!

  2. Wonderful! Spoken like a true hoarder.

  3. Disposophobia I am sure my husband
    has that:) Funny, RJ.


  4. These were great - and the 2nd so apt to Bohr's quote.

  5. Fun one. Too many people I love have this problem. If I outlive them, I'll spend the rest of my life cleaning out.

  6. Wonderful take on both of these prompts. smiles.

  7. i am a bit squirrelish when it comes to throwing away sentimental junks. :(

    loved the haiku and the poem, fortune tellers- i prefer calling them soothsayer after reading the asterix comics.


  8. Oh, I love this Haiku a lot... great..

    Someone is Special

  9. Haven't heard from you for a bit. Hope all is well in your corner of the writing world.

  10. RJ, you always make me smile. Ref. to Niels Bohr was perfect. Nebulous is not an oft-used word in poetry, hooray for you! As for dumpster diving, I'm sure none of us thought you actually do that. I never have. I don't remember doing it, anyway, but then again... ;^)
    Amy (and my Captcha code was "hyper," ha ha ha)

  11. Little Writer - ain't garbage grand?! ☼

  12. Mike - thanks! I'm not a true hoarder, but then again, I do have a teeny tiny problem with throwing stuff out (only mine, 'though. I'm perfectly good at getting rid of other people's stuff!) hehe!

  13. LTWTD - thanks! And when you're finished, please come to my house! hehe

  14. Reflections - thank you - and smiles right back at you! ☼

  15. Trisha - ☼

    (Also, I'm not sure I've heard of the Asterix comics, What are they?)

  16. Kim - thanks - and sorry! I've just been super-mega busy! Will stop by shortly!

  17. LOL, I like your sense of humor...well said!