Monday, February 28, 2011

There's no leap year this year, so this is my final post for February

Wow!  What a month!  It's been challenging, but a lot of fun.  And because of the hard work and generosity of all the prompt site creators out there whose word gems and thought-provoking pictures helped to spark my imagination, I've not only written a months' worth of crazy musings, but I've also gotten to (virtually) meet some extraordinarily talented poets and writers along the way.  Thank you so much.

Monday's Child posted a playful illustration by Will Terry...

Where Are We At?

Bunny, Frog, Fox and Cat
said, “We’re lost!  Where are we at?”

Fox told Cat, Frog and Bunny,
“I don’t find this very funny.”
Cat made Fox, Bunny and Frog
turn the map upon the log,

which showed that they were headed west
instead of north, which seemed the best

way to find their trail back to
familiar ground – quite overdue

were they for lunch.  Still maybe they
could get a bite.  But anyway…

Frog, Cat, Bunny and Fox
went home to eat.  Goodbye, sandbox. 


...and SiS/Few Miles provided a picture prompt that is simply full of metaphor.

Not the End of the Line – Train of Thought

…and then it hit me
like a steam locomotive…
I am right on track.



  1. awesome entries to Monday's child and Haiku Challenge...

    Thanks for linking to JP...


  2. LOL, that's cute!
    Made me smile.

  3. The first one is fun and the second one is witty - I enjoyed them both :-)clo

  4. Oh that is awesome. I try not to use that word because I tend to overuse that word. What can I say, it is awesome and I really love! Nice to be on the right track but even better to realize that you are! Oh and love the frog, fox, bunny and cat that needs to be a children's book!

  5. Love it. How is it, I never viewed your blog before?

  6. Your poem for Monday's child is
    adorable, RJ. You painted quite
    a picture with your words.

    I am happy to have met you!
    Reading your poetry brings a
    smile to my face.

  7. Delightful entry ... there is a bounce in my spirit. I am grateful the challenge introduced me to your work! Thank you, becca

  8. I totally enjoyed the Haiku! :) thank you!

  9. The Haiku was spectacular... and this children's verse seems right on tack to me... oh my, there was no horse to ride his back.

  10. Love you story...this cat, dog, fox and bunny...your rhyme a delightful play that leaves a happy feeling....Thank you...bkm

  11. I loved Bunny, Frog, Fox and Cat :o)

  12. Love the rhyming and a fun ending..surprise!!

  13. Sweet story-poem for 'Monday's Child'.
    And you got it to rhyme so well (which I could not)!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's Monday's Child #35