Monday, January 31, 2011

Bedtime Story

Illustration by: Henriette Willebeek Le Mair (1889-1966)
Monday's Child is a darling prompt website which features art and illustration from a bygone era.  Host BKMackenzie's intention is to inspire writers to pen a children's story.

Yesterday, I tried my hand at something new (poetically speaking) - and wrote my post using the poetic form ZaniLa Rhyme.  That form, with its sweet sing-song-y quality and repetitiveness, seemed a good choice to tell the tale of an older sister trying to get her reluctant little brother to go to bed.

Bedtime Story

Come, little brother, it’s time for bed.
You must leave your toys behind.
They’ll wait for you ‘til morning anew.
I am older, so me you must mind.

Wood horse and stuffed bunny need their sleep
so do you, and thus please come.
‘Til morning anew they’ll wait for you.
It’s now beddy-bye time, don’t be glum.

I’ll read you a tale of a small boy
who’s really a prince, disguised.
They’ll wait for you ‘til morning anew:
since your furry friends say close your eyes.

[Yawn]...once upon a time, long ago
this prince…[yawn, yawn]…well, that is…
‘Til morning anew, they’ll wait for...yooooou...
[yawn]...that’s the end…of the story…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..



  1. Sweet and fun. I'll check out the prompt site you recommend as well. Enjoy the day, RJ!

  2. Kim - thanks! Enjoy your day, too! ☼

  3. We always look forward to a few zzzz's at the end of the day, but there's no guarantee!

  4. Hope, Jinksy, no guarantee, indeed. zzzzzzzz....... ☺

  5. RJ, What a really sweet poem and it fits so well with the form. I didn't know BKM was the host of Monday's Child.
    btw did you receive my email?

  6. Thanks, Pamela! Yeah...bkm is indeed the force behind the blog! ☺

    Did you send me an email? If you did, I don't think I got it (at least, yet.)

  7. yeah, it could be a boy...
    creative take.
    well done...

  8. Fun take... we all need those zzzzzz... but I like Jinksy agree that sometimes they are few.

  9. Indeed they are, Reflections! zzzzzzzzz....

  10. Lovely and what a good sister taking care her brother is to bed, andread a story - a wonderful verse filled with rhyme and reassurance that his toys will be there come morning...thank you for posting..bkm

  11. thank you for the intro to a new form... it makes for a wonderful children's song... the story is oh so childlike and would be a perfect bedtime story to read

  12. ms. pie - thanks! That's so sweet of you! ☼