Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Walk in the Lark

Graphic courtesy of Kids Front
Sunday Scribblings has a new prompt today.  They want to see poems about 'a walk in the park.'  That is, they're looking for work about things that are easy - or maybe some literal walks and parks.

Regardless, I decided that this called for a poetic form - but one that I'd never attempted before, to make it a challenge for me, and therefore, uh - easier.

So...I went over to The Poets Garret (a wonderful source for poetic form, by the way) and chose an Irish form called Ae freslighe: (ay fresh lee) which involves just a few rules that are anything but a walk in the park.  And this particular form is one of the easier ones!

Anyway, here's the result.

A Walk in the Lark

Whereby, I write humorous,
quirky, offbeat and funny.
My poems are numerous
but don’t make me much money.

Still, I write such laughable
poetry because witty
work makes me feel affable.
(but broke, so more’s the pity.)

Some say this stuff’s easier
than if I had to rely
on real jobs, but cheesier
just plain works for me, whereby.



  1. Joyful little piece - and lovely image..Jae

  2. true,

    we write a lot,
    earn a little on it.

    lovely entry.

  3. well I just love this - and your website is so pretty! I am going to check out that link now!!

  4. jaerose - thank you so much!
    Jingle - you totally rock! Thanks!
    Dee - that's so sweet! Thank you!

    Wow - you guys are awesome! ☼

  5. Well, an interesting and light form that gives me cheer on this gray dismal day.

  6. Totally enjoyed your take on this prompt! So much fun!