Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's Musical Tuesday!

Magpie Tales posted the picture to the left as this week's prompt.

Now here's the funny (as in, coincidental) thing:  Big Tent Poetry gave a prompt yesterday which involves choosing a letter from the alphabet and then making a list of interesting words which start with that letter - and then picking one of those words (which resonates, or makes a bit of music in your head, if you will) and writing a poem on that word.

I picked, rather randomly, the letter 'M.'  From there, I went to a really cool website called Worthless Word for the Day, which is a lexicon of archaic, outdated and sometimes just plain weird words.  They had some really fabulous words under the letter 'M' but one in particular stood out (like a marching band, playing Souza in your living room) and I just had to use it.  Here's my Acrostic poem:

Misodoctakleidist *

I hate this!
And also, I’m not gonna practice this dumb stuff anymore.  So there!
No way!
Oh!  Wait.  That song might be easier than I thought.  Well, maybe…♪♫♪♫♪

(* Misodoctakleidist means someone who hates to practice the piano.  Who knew there would be a word for such a thing!.)



  1. RJ, I love the Worthless Word site. Like Russian Roulette for the brain. And this one was short and to the point, especially the "plink," which I loved!

    Your chum, Amy

  2. This has to be one of the most delightful Magpies ....

  3. Amy - thanks - and 'plink'!

    Helen - thank you so much for your kind words!

  4. I have just been inspired to seek inspiration from the dictionary. Heh.

  5. Did you realise, your Mr Link link to this post isn't working properly? It says 'Page not found'...
    Mind you, it was worth a scroll down to get here... lol :)

  6. Jinksy - Thanks for the nice words - and I had no idea that the link wasn't working. Thanks for letting me know,

  7. thanks for the education on worthless words....always something new to learn....bkm

  8. I found the same as Jinksy, and had to scroll down from the top of your blog to find your acronym poem. Which is clever!

  9. Doctor - thanks! (And sorry about the difficulty.) ☼