Monday, January 24, 2011

The Violet Fairy Queen

Illustration by: Anne Anderson 1930's
Monday's Child, the wonderful site which provides writing prompts utilizing antique artwork in order to capture  childhood spirit, has posted the above illustration.  I was inspired by the art to write a short piece involving a fairy goddess from Celtic mythology.


In Old Celtic legends
she is the fairy queen
of all violet flowers. 
The full moon blows glitter
o’er her gossamer wings
like deep-hued snow showers.

If you’re a lucky child
then you might catch a glimpse
of Eolande’s flight
when the sky is mauve-blue
and the snow whirls and swirls
on a chill winter’s night.


Oh yeah, and one other thing...the Rubliw poem from yesterday?  I just realized the form's name is 'Wilbur' spelled backwards.  I wonder if there's a connection...


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  2. Beautiful imagery within your words highlight this magnificent illustration.

  3. Wonderful imagery with your creative words, like it a lot :)

  4. Wonderful entry indeed and you gave me a lesson in Celtic Mythology...that is the greatest thing about shaing it is not only enjoyable it continues to educate ...thank you...bkm

  5. Reflections - thanks. It is a fantastic illustration, isn't it?

  6. bkm - thanks for all you do and for your elegant, beautiful words.

  7. So nice to have you at Poets United. Great poem about the fairy of all violet flowers:)

  8. @Poets United - thank you so much. It's so nice to be a part of your community! ♥