Monday, January 10, 2011

The Dandy Cat's Tale

Monday's Child posted this marvelous illustration by Felix Lorioux, as the inspiration for writing a children's poem.

The Dandy Cat's Tale

Arriving a fancy gate
with swirling curlicues,
the Dandy Cat said, “Well, I’m here.”
The gate boy said, “Nice shoes.”

The Dandy Cat said,
“Let me in – I am the Dandy Cat.
The gate boy answered in reply,
“I really like your hat.”

The Dandy Cat, his whiskers twitched.
“Sir, don’t take me to task.”
The gate boy nodded as he said,
“You wear a pretty mask.”

The Dandy Cat looked towards the gate.
He said, and here I quote,”
“I wish to get inside this fence!”
“A lovely, spotted coat,”

is what the gate boy told the cat,
“I so admire your stuff,
like boots and gloves and bow tie, Sir,
and well-appointed cuff.”

The Dandy Cat then growled and hissed.
“Dear gate boy – please just cease
you kind words on my feathered hat.
I’m tired by this caprice.

“I’ve been invited by the Queen!
I wish to get inside.
Please do not block my entrance, boy.
My time I cannot bide.”

The gate boy bowed and then he said,
with just a bit of sass,
“Oh Dandy Cat, it does behoove me
not to let you pass.”

“But why,” the cat exploded thus,
“Would you but block my path?
Is it your wish to bring upon you
my dread feline wrath?”

The gate boy started laughing loudly,
 to the cat’s chagrin.
“I hate to say it, Dandy Cat,
but I think you’re 'done in.'

“I’m really not the gate keep boy
whom you want to chastise.
Instead I am Her Majesty,
just dressed in a disguise.”

At that, the ‘boy’ proceeded to
remove his silk chapeau.
With turban gone, the cat could see
it was the Queen, and so

the Dandy Cat apologized
for having been so rude.
The Queen, she laughed to see such sport
on pranking this cat dude.

“Your Majesty!  Oh goodness me!
If you would like my hat,
please have it, and whatever else,”
cried out the Dandy Cat.

The Queen said, “Thanks, but I don’t need
another hat around.
Inside the palace I can get
my jewel-encrusted crown.

“So Dandy Cat, with games now past,
would you please come join me
inside my castle for a bit
of tasty Earl Grey tea?”

The cat said, “Yes,” and so the gate
swung open, beckoning
the Dandy Cat and Royal Queen
and here’s my reckoning:

Together, Cat and Queen agreed
(without a hint of hiss)
to drop the matter, then and there
and never speak of this

tiny bit of switcheroo
involving one’s attire.
Alas, our town soon heard this tale.
No secrets…
                     ...signed, Town Crier.

Hark ye!  Hark ye!



  1. Thank you, Andreas! I think it will become part of a collection of rhyming anthropomorphic poems I'm working on, ☼

  2. Lovely tale of the ol' switcheroo... smiles. Wonderfully done.

  3. How fun. I'll have to read it to my son. He will laugh.

  4. Holy Guacamole! Thank you so much!

    Reflections - it's always fun to do a switcheroo!

    Jingle - BlushBlush!

    Margaret - I hope your son does get a laugh from the tale!

  5. Great tale and story - love this Dandy Cat...he surely is a character and so too the Queen...I am glad they settled down together for a cup of tea....Lovely fun story that Monday's Child adored...thank you..bkm

  6. Utterly charming, nice twist of events, and the pic itself is so cute!

    Nice moral to the story. Dandy Cat was expecting to be judged by HIS cover, and then the gatekeeper blew HER cover... fun, fun, fun!

    PS why did Captcha give me "sanatics"? Is there some hidden commentary here?! LOL

  7. Sanatics? Sanely fanatic? Hmmmm...interesting! Thanks, Amy!

  8. You wrote this wonderfully, such a delight to read, well done!