Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sonnet XX!!!

Photographic image courtesy of Miss_Robot
Today, Writer's Island gave the prompt of "Courage."

Yesterday, Poetic Asides posted an informative discussion on the subject of the poetic form, sonnet.

I decided to try and combine the two for my post today.

So, the first thing I did was Google  - sorry...I know, it's a banned, trite word, but necessary, nonetheless - 'Shakespearean sonnets about courage.' From the results, I chose one sonnet in particular (Sonnet XXIII) which I thought might work (with a bit of tweaking here and there) with a couple of quotes I found when I also Googled 'humorous courage quotes'.

Sonnet XX!!!

I'm not funny.  What I am is brave.  ~Lucille Ball

Read what my medal says: "Courage". Ain't it the truth? Ain't it the truth? ~The Cowardly Lion

As an unperfect actor on life’s stage,
I sometimes fear I’ve forgotten my part.,
Where is the green room?  Can I disengage
myself from the scene?  I need a kick start.
So I think of those things that I must say
even if difficult, to make it right.
And in that moment, my fears go away
and then I know I’ve conquered my stage fright.
The Cowardly Lion and Lucille Ball
each found courage with a word or a deed.
It’s not yet time for the last curtain call
so I have to 'just do it' to succeed.
   Even if nerve has departed, forsooth,         
   I can be courageous.  Ain’t it the truth.



  1. Great words with an important message.

  2. So true! Great sonnet with a great message!

  3. Oh my gosh - Elizabeth - I was just commenting on your most excellent poem, while you were here visiting with me! How nice!

    Thank you for the kind words! ☼

  4. Lovely sonnet. May you always have the courage to deal with anything in life! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Scent of My Heart - thank you for your nice words - and for the invitation.

  6. Lucille Ball and the Cowardly Lion aside, you have more courage than I. I made a wide birth of the sonnet. You jumped in and did a really fine job and even left an important message to boot!


  7. RJ, an important message and done in the form I fear most "sonnets".

  8. Thank you so much, Pamela and Elizabeth. ♥

  9. Courage, something I need more of these days. Thanks for the quotes & encouragement.

  10. Terresa - judging by your writing, courage is something of which you're in abundant supply. Thanks for the kind words. ☼

  11. Clever. I like clever, and the final two lines were that and then some. Wonderfully done.

  12. I love your words..nicely done thanks for sharing....I LOVE LUCY too

  13. Mark and Wayne - thanks so much! ☼