Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dis Illusion Comes From Dat Fantasy

Artwork courtesy Artemy Lebedev

“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.” ~Albert Einstein

Writer's Island's word of the week is 'Illusion.'  
Here's my little limerick on the subject........

Internet Date

In their texts, he was tall; she was svelte.
Yep…the best that the gene pool had dealt.
‘Til they met I.R.L. *
Then the dream did dispel.
Such a fake! each undoubtedly felt.


* I.R.L. is the texting shorthand for 'in real life' - it is meant to distinguish Internet (or virtual) acquaintances from those folks the texter actually knows in the flesh.


  1. The Virtual Illusion.
    Please, what is IRL? I read it as "in the flesh".

  2. Sorry - I guess I should add the definition. You are quite right.

    I.R.L. is a texting term meaning, "In real life." People often use it to distinguish Internet (virtual) friends from those the texter knows in the flesh.

  3. I'll add a small note at the bottom of the post. Thanks for the heads-up. ☼

  4. Enjoyed that. Yes, it is so often the way.

  5. Thanks, Anthony!

    I've been a married mommy for a quite a number of years right now, so I never actually did Internet dating, but I've heard enough about it from some of my friends.

    (And I do remember the whole blind date thing from way back when!) heh!

  6. RJ, I wonder how often that really happens. More than we know I am sure.

  7. Unfortunately, I agree with you, Pamela - but thanks for the compliment!

  8. SMiles... cute take on this one. And so is this life of texting and blogs and .... one in which everyone becomes distant.

  9. oh my! so true lol.

    i shouldn't be laughing but really happen in real life. :-)

  10. Oh, I deiitely agree with Einstein's comment! As for internet dates, at least BOTH had the same feeling!

  11. Mary - lol! Einstein was a pretty sharp ol' guy, huh? As for both - well, let's just say that I was trying for fairness and a bit of parity. As we all know, it is seldom all that. ☼