Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ring 'Round the Rosie

Magpie Tales provided the photograph prompt you see to the left, today.  Fascinating, isn't it?  When you look at it, what do you see?  Pulling?  Pushing?  Play?

To be honest, this sculpture can mean many different things, depending on your perspective - and I've already had the pleasure of reading a number of different interpretations. 

As a mom of tween twins, I caught, out of the corner of my memory's eye, a flashing glimpse of a game my kids and I played back when they were really small.  I decided to write to the prompt from that point of view, and thought it might be fun to try it as a Virelai, which, according to The Poets Garret, is a variation on the French form Lai.

Ring ‘Round the Rosie

Ring ‘round the Rosie.
Mom and kids, cozy.
All fall.
Circle and mosey
all for that poesy.
Down all.

When children are small
it’s good to enthrall
with dance.    
In kitchen or hall,
 (no difference at all) -
just prance.

We all did that dance.
It served to enhance…
Ah, childhood romance,
ah memory, enhance.



  1. Love this, reminders of childhood days of long ago. Such fun in those days of 'Rosie'

  2. Thanks! I remember playing this with my mom and sisters, and a generation later, with my son and daughter. ♥

  3. I'm not familiar with this particular game. Maybe we have it in Sweden, and I just can't connect the dots. I can relate to the playfulness and joy of it.
    Methinks you write delightful verse.

    Take care.

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  5. Ooops - hit the post button too soon. Silly moi!


    Andreas - thanks so much for your kind words, Ring 'Round the Rosie is a hand-holding, circle game that's played with young children.

    One version, probably the most common one in the US is:

    Ring around the Rosie
    Pocket full of posy (or poesy)
    Ashes, Ashes,
    We all fall down.

    How it plays in other languages and cultures can be found at


    among other sites,

    At that point, little kids fall down and giggle as if the whole thing is a laugh riot.

  6. This is so clever, and such fun. Took me back awhile, too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Thanks - and my pleasure, Viv. I love your writing.