Monday, January 17, 2011

Ice Cowboys and the Last Snowman

Artist unknown.
Here is another sweet piece of antique artwork, as posted by Monday's Child. It is meant to be the inspirational springboard for interested writers to pen a piece of children's poetry or prose.  The artist of this illustration is unknown (at least for the present) but he or she did a nice job of rendering small kids as they played a wintery game.

I wrote the following poem using a sestet form called the Wordsworth Sestet. 

In Search of the Last Snowman

The neighborhood kids crept over the hill,
silently seeking out the last snowman -
a quite cool chap, who’s been seen by no man
 ‘cept for ice cowboys who don’t mind the chill.
Then suddenly - “Look, tribe!  Look up ahead!
I think that I see him.  Stay mum until…
I give the signal,” the chieftain boy said.



  1. Lovely, this one reminds me of the Lost Boys of Peter Pan... very fun write thank you for posting...bkm

  2. That's kind of what I thought, too! Thanks!