Sunday, January 29, 2012



A splash of color made with paint…
it’s abstract. Does it show restraint
or is it an enforced aesthetic?
Is it unapologetic?

Was Kandinsky’s Moscow era
influenced by some chimera?
Was Kandinsky’s muse poetic
or just unapologetic?

Questions might outnumber answers,
growing steady like some cancers:
Was his vision sympathetic?
Was he unapologetic?

That splash of color resonates
no matter how the mind translates.
It draws one in.  It’s quite magnetic...
Also, unapologetic.


Notes:  The poetic form is Kyrielle.  The poem was inspired by Red Spot II, the Kandinsky painting which was posted as the prompt for this week from Magpie Tales.


  1. How clever of you to write a Kyrielle, RJ... it's quite effective here!

  2. see that is the cool thing about opens up so many interpretations...good art at least...opens doors...

  3. Wonderful and insightful!

    And thanks for your fun contribution to last week's Limerick-Off!

  4. Unapologetic it is - well spotted- and written. :)

  5. That last verse is a corker! I take my hat off to you, madam!

  6. You captured the essence beautifully ... I loved reading your poem.

  7. Lovely. Rhymed. Rhythmic. And punctuated! All too rare in this era of aerosoled free verse.

  8. A thought provoking and beautiful write! One of my favorites of the day!!

  9. hello,

    how is your day?

    Happy Birthday, Happy February,

    we have you in our post, visit us and share a random piece if you wish, bless you.

  10. Great fun - no need for apology! The Kyrielle is one of those closed forms which I find difficult, and yours succeeds wonderfully.

  11. I simply adored the rhythm of this beautifully written prose.

    Great job my friend.

    God bless and have a most wonderful day.

    No apologies.............

  12. Just stopped by again to congratulate you on winning an Honorable Mention in last week's Limerick-Off. Great job!

    Limerick of the Week 49