Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sometimes, you just can't let go...

...but on second thought…

I trust you won’t act sullen, dear,
or shed a tear…
I’m not brutal,
but tears are futile.

The thing is, you’ve grown old to me
and so you see,
we must end this
‘though I will miss

the way you always made me feel.
Oh, what a heel!
I can’t forswear
my teddy bear!


Notes:  The form is called 'Minute Poetry.'  I discovered the form at Shadow Poetry.  My poem was inspired by 3 Word Wednesday's prompt of 'brutal, sullen and trust.'  For more cool forms, check out Poetic Bloomings, where they are featuring, in their 'in form poet' section, a really fun form called Rime Couée.


  1. very nice! great picture and good use of the words; not at all what the reader expects ...

  2. This is sweet and light and fun! You have managed the impossible with the words provided!

  3. I really enjoyed this light and joyous read, although I feel bad for the one who has to let go of the bear.

  4. sweet indeed.....thanks for sharing RJ

  5. Sharon - thanks! That's what I was hoping for, because the words @3WW seemed like such negative words to me, and I wanted to turn them around.

  6. Wow, Marianne - thank you so much!

  7. Laurie - I wish I could say I still have my original teddy, but alas, not so. Still, I do have quite a collection of bears presently, so that's something, right? Thanks!

  8. Quite right - teddy bears are special and should never be abandoned;-)

  9. No! You can't give up any of those special children's toys. We've got a chair full of them, all with their special places, doing nothing except being there.

  10. Yes, always hold onto Teddy Robinson..Jae ;)