Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ya never know what ya might find when ya make a wrong turn down a road...

Image courtesy of voodoochili

The Road of Curiouser and Curiouser

“I guess when you turn off the main road, you have to be prepared to see some funny houses.” ~Stephen King

I once turned left instead of right
and saw a really oddball sight:
the road I turned on suddenly
revealed a funny house and tree.

Who could have guessed?  This house’s hue
was lemon, pink, cornflower blue.
It had a pinwheel balcony.
It was a funny house and tree.

The tree grew tea cups from each limb,
just like a scene from Brothers Grimm
or Carroll’s Alice.  Could that be?
Uh huh.  A funny house and tree.

I made a left instead of right
and saw a funny house and tree...


 Notes:  In continuing with my January poetic form theme of Kyrielle Sonnet, here's yet another one.  Poets United Thursday Think Tank provided the prompt of 'The Road' today.  After I saw the Stephen King quote, I knew what road I would have to take to get to this poem.


  1. Is your name Alice? You were certainly in Wonderland.

  2. Completely in tune with the picture...I can tell you could have gone on further, and why not...!

  3. OOOOH just tickled me to no end....or both ends...OH I CANNOT STOP smiling.... DELIGHT- FILLED - FULL

  4. Agree with the exclamation mark trapped in a triangle! (Sorry, Pearl, couldn't help it :-) )
    A very nice poem!

  5. How could I not love this one, being a total Alice freak?
    It was Wonderland-ful!

  6. Rinkly - nope, my name is Randi - but close enough, I guess, where the wonder is concerned!

  7. poetrydiary - you are quite right! I was seriously tempted to go on from there (and still might...) ☼

  8. Pearl - thanks! Everyone needs a Pearl-Cheering section, I think. Now I cannot stop smiling. ;D

  9. Hey Happy Amateur - thanks! (With a huge exclamation mark, too!)

  10. Laurie - thanks! And you do me great honor!!!

  11. J. Cosmo - wow! How right you are!

  12. Sara - thanks! I totally get this - I ♥ Alice too!

  13. It's nice to find a fun poem mixed in among the rest.

  14. booguloo - thanks! That's my aim: fun. Glad I managed it! ;D

  15. Such a fun poem! A delightful right turn for me!! :)

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