Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Image courtesy of 3fatchicks


I never met a one like you
whose negativity shines through.
This poem’s the salute I sketch
for all you do.  You kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

You criticize, I must confess.
No matter what, you must redress
your point (to death) in acid-etch.
Yes, all you do is kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

The food’s too salty, sweet or cold.
If someone’s wronged, you’re wronged two-fold.
You sound like an ungrateful wretch
and all you do is kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

And if you go to see a show,
you will complain, “It sucks, you know.
The acting’s bad.  The plot?  Farfetched.
And all you’ve done is kvetched, kvetched, kvetched.

You never compliment your host,
unless it’s qualified, at most.
You whine, you sulk, pretend to retch
and all you do is kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

But can you take it?  No, you can’t.
Constructive words just make you rant.
You are the king of Kingdom Quetch*
‘cause all you do is kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

I never met a one like you…
See, all you do is kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.


Notes:  The inspiration for today's Kyrielle Sonnet (and then some) came from the prompt of 'complaining' - thoughtfully (and without any whining whatsoever) provided for by Daniel Ari on his Imunuri blog.  I just couldn't resist.  Wine and cheese, anyone?


  1. Heeehehe, ya just cracked this Ozark Farm Chick up.

    Seems when I was a young Mama, there were truly days like this!

    From the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a blessed and beautiful day now, ya hear!!! :o)

    BTW: Popped over here from Alan's place.

  2. Excellent and funny kyrielle. At the risk of being accused of kvetching, it is definitely not a sonnet!

  3. Viv - thanks! According to The Poets Garret, the Kyrielle Sonnet is technically a Sonnet (albeit a 'controversial one) because it's a poem with 14 lines.

    I probably should not separate the stanzas, but alas, I have done just that.

    Nevertheless, I like Sonnets and Kyrielles as poetic form, so this exercise has been kinda fun,

    But I think most poets/writers would agree with you.

    And btw...I would never accuse you of kvetching! ☼

  4. Oh - Viv - and one other thing (which I forgot to mention) you are right on one other account - this particular poem is far longer than the 14-line Sonnet. In fact, it's longer than the Caudate Sonnet (which is 20 lines long.)

    That's why I added 'and then some.'

    Just a teeny tiny bit of poetic license there,

    But yep - you snagg-a-dated me, my poetic friend!

  5. Hey darlin', I wanted to thank you for visitin' with your sweet comment!

    Please drop by often, the door of the Ponderosa is always open.