Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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An urban legend gets its start
by someone who then must impart
a story which may not be true.
Will you tell next?  That’s up to you.

You think, perhaps this one’s on Snopes?
You say, “I’ll check it first.”  High hopes.
Turns out it’s fiction, on review.
Will you tell next?  That’s up to you.

You heard it from a friend of a friend?
It’s such a social media trend,
but if you find it’s ballyhoo
then don’t tell next – that’s what you do.

An urban legend gets its start…
Will you tell next?  That’s up to you.


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Jane’s Who’s Whos

“You’ll never guess what Jane told me!
This is the truth, I guarantee
‘cause Jane is THE best source for news…
all gossip, gab and – yep! – Who’s Whos.

“So, Cynthia broke up with Rick,
who’s now with Carla.  And the clique
of ‘rah-rahs’?  They all got tattoos!
It’s gossip, gab and school Who’s Whos.

“And guess what Jane did say of you
It’s on her Facebook page.  Who knew?!
You’re still a friend I’d hate to lose
to gossip, gab and Jane’s Who’s Whos.

“You’ll never guess what Jane told me!
Her gossip, gab and – yep! – Who’s Whos.”

Notes: yeah, I'm hooked.  On Kyrielle Sonnets, that is.  Anyway, for the uninitiated, FOAF means 'friend of a friend.'  You know what I mean, right?  It's hearing stuff second-hand, and it's the stuff that urban legends are made of.  

Bad grammar aside, Robert Lee Brewer of Poetic Asides provided the prompt, which is (obviously!) 'friend of a friend.'  Check it out to see some really superb poets' takes on the subject.  And tell 'em you heard it from a FOAF.


  1. ha...that first one is like the telephone game...snopes is always best...before you repeat and end up looking like a fool...

  2. You've hit the nail on the head, RJ! I am new media's biggest fan, but still hold to the belief and practice that we are individually responsible for verifying sources, truths.

  3. Snopes! I love Snopes! But still people send me emails about Microsoft giving 5¢ a second to a five armed, two headed goatherder named Hugo.

  4. Brian - that is SO true! That's why I always check Snopes before reposting or resending anything I see. ☼

  5. Kim - we certainly do have a responsibility for verifying sources and truths (as best we can,) ☼

  6. J. Cosmo - oh gosh - don't tell me that the 5¢ thing isn't true! Dang! I am totally demoralized! hehe