Monday, January 23, 2012

Ghosts of the Theater - Acts I and II

The Majestic Theater

This poem is an ode to what
was once a classic show-house, but
she’s now a ghost of her grand past
since Vaudeville was not meant to last.
The famous and the passing-thru
performers would wait for their cue
to grace the boards.  The long-gone cast
of Vaudeville were not meant to last.

The silent films and talkies turned
the stage show into something spurned.
Majestic’s lavish time had passed:
like Vaudeville, she could never last.

This poem is an ode to what
(like Vaudeville) was not meant to last.


Image courtesy of shadesofthedeparted

Theda Bara

A siren of the silent screen,
she was ‘The Vamp,’ a movie queen.
Her costumes were once thought ‘risqué’
but Bara, in her day, held sway.

In Hollywood, the Walk of Fame
contains a star for Theda’s name.
‘Though Mary Pickford had cache
Ms. Bara, in her day, held sway.

In more than forty films, she played
assorted roles, ‘til time did fade
her popularity. Today
exotic Bara still holds sway.

A siren of the silent screen…
La Bara, in her day, held sway.


Notes: The inspiration for the two Kyrielle Sonnets (yes, I'm at it again!) was Sepia Saturday's prompt of 'theater' along with their posting of the archival photograph of the Majestic Theater (see above.)  At first, my thought was to write a poem about one of the old grande dames of the silent era (Theda Bara) but then I decided to pen something about the old Majestic, too.


  1. I really enjoyed both poems. What a lovely set of homages!

  2. Two fine poems which would I think complement my post.

  3. Awwwww...gee, Bob. (Blush! Blush!)

  4. Oh, the magic of the silver screen, eh?

  5. Enjoyed your sonnets. I wonder why I never heard of Theda Bara before.

  6. Excellent. Both capture the era perfectly.

  7. You've done it again! I always look forward to coming over here to see what you've created.

  8. I don't ever remember seeing her on the screen, of course, but I remember my mom mentioning her name. I have her name in the crossword puzzles all the time. A very nice and creative post for today's theme.

  9. Two images and two verses perfectly merged

  10. Ah, yes, Theda Bara was the queen of her era. Thanks for sharing the sonnets and the photo.

  11. Both of these poems are very good, packed with so many visions of a time long ago, and most assuredly worth seeing. If you have a chance where you live, to see a new silent movie, called The Artist! I think you'll enjoy it!

  12. The old-time silver screen was indeed magic, Jinksy!

  13. Postcardy - When I went to write for the prompt, at first I was looking for actresses from the early days of silent films. Bara just seemed like an obvious choice to me, but then again, I'm into the old films. After I did the Bara poem, I went back and wrote the one about the theater, even 'though the order is reversed in my post.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Thanks so much, Mike Brubaker! ☼

  15. Christine H - Thanks! And I might say the same of you! (And sorry I'm a little slow at getting back over to yours - and some other folks' blogsites.) ;D

  16. QMM - thanks! I have no actual memories of Ms. Bara either, but since I was 'into' the old films (since childhood, actually) I have read about her and seen pictures of her, which helped to spur on this post.

  17. Alan - thank you so much! It was certainly a fun challenge!

  18. Teresa - thank you! In her day, Theda Bara was quite newsworthy. This was fun!

  19. Thanks, Karen - and yes, I definitely plan on seeing the Artist!

  20. These were both so fun! I enjoyed how you put thought into what went on inside the theater and the people who did their work so well.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.