Friday, February 24, 2012

Shoe Tales

"...your feet…so petite…
Madame, just push...a bit more…
Ugh!  Okay…they’re on."


Image courtesy of Harumi-Tan's Blog

A Vamp for a Princess

“I think this shoe should fit you well,”
the Prince said to dear Cinderel-
la.  But when he slid on the shoe,
he knew not what he’d got into.

“Dear Prince, your buoyant mood I’ll quell.
You think that shoe should fit me well?”
the young girl asked, with nostrils flared.
Her red lips parted.  Fangs were bared.

The Prince jumped back. He was surprised.
“I guess the shoe thing’s ill-advised?
I thought the shoe would fit you well.
It seems you’re under – what? – a spell?”

“I’d say,” sneered Cin, “so please don’t tamp-
er with my heart.  C’mon – a vamp? –
that’s for a vampire?  Your blood smell,
unlike that shoe, should feed me well.”


Notes:  Sorry for the long absence.  I've actually written some poetry this month, but it didn't end up getting posted here for a variety of reasons.  I've also been working on some short fiction, on Flashy Fiction, which is a prompt blog I co-host with several other terrific writers and poets - and I've been tweaking my middle grade, historical novel too.  (More on that another time.)

Anyway, Sepia Saturday, one of my favorite prompt sites, provided the theme of shoes, along with the topmost picture for their weekly prompt.  I wrote the 5/7/5 haiku for that picture, but then another idea crept (not crypt, by the way...groan!) into my head.  I loved the idea of a 'vamp' being in a poem with...a vampire.  After all, a vamp, according to one definition, is a part of a shoe.  It's also a piece of improvised music, as well as a tempting lady.  The form is Quatern.


  1. Now there's a different perspective on a fairy tale. How fun!

  2. I so enjoy the way you write! This, is another, really awesome read! Thanks!

  3. I'm glad you're back as I enjoy your verse.

  4. Thanks, Christine! I was just playing around with the prompt and the words just kind of came. ☼

  5. Karen - thanks! Sometimes I don't post my poetry here because it's on other venues for different purposes. And sometimes, I get busy working on my prose stuff, which right now is 1. a middle grade, historical novel and 2.) some short-short fiction.

    But I really appreciate your kind words! ♥

  6. I like the haiku, though I didn't realize that's what it was at first. I'm not a vampire fan. Poor Cinderella.

  7. How clever of you to think of cinderela for this post - the most classic shoe tale ever. But you've written a tale with a twist. Brilliant.

  8. And it is nice to have you - and your wonderful verses - back again.

  9. This post was so much fun! Thank you for the smiles.

  10. I've missed your verse. I'm glad the shoes brought you back!