Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weird Animals

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The cute/peculiar little guy to the left is called an axolotl.  He's a member of the salamander family, for those who might be interested in the subject.

Now, you might wonder why I have a picture of him (or maybe her?)  The answer to that question is that one of the prompts by Big Tent Poetry this week was to write about a fear of animals.

Would you be afraid of this wee critter? 

Fear of Animals

If confronted with an axilotl
I’d make a noise which might sound glottal.
And face to face with wee aye-aye?
I might be scared and start to cry.
But ‘dumbo octopus’ just seems
a chilling part of late night dreams
(a nightmare of the Pikachu.)
I would be scared and so would you.
And to be honest, I’ve no wish
to ever meet a (yikes!) blobfish.
But chances are both fat and slim
that I would ever find her (him?)

My fears of creatures that seem freak
have nothing on the mouse.  “Squeak.”  “EEEEEEEK!


And speaking of peculiar, Three Word Wednesday provided the word prompt of 'peculiar, fabricate and adamant.'

Image courtesy of ResidentialAdvisor
Peculiar Haiku

I am adamant:
I really do fabricate
peculiar haiku.

[Note: Check out this website to see more photos of cute/peculiar animals - like the blobfish, the dumbo octopus and the aye-aye.  It's cool - and yes, about that, I am adamant!.]

Adamant Atom Ant
image courtesy of cartoon-photocolletecton


  1. What a cute lidl fella! Maybe you have splashed past him and not known..Jae :)

  2. RJ, the creature seems quite harmless, but then I never seen one in person, maybe I would change my mind. Enjoyable post.


  3. Enjoyed them. The haiku was excellent.

  4. I'm adamant, not fabricating it. You are very funny in a perculiar way!

  5. No you don't! You fabricate brilliant haiku; and your poem about axilotl and others was a riot, especially your last line.
    My ribs ache from continuous laughing.

  6. Your haiku are always wonderful, but your sense of self-deprecation is truly appreciated! As for that little fetal pig thingie in the picture, I would pee my pants if I saw it. In fact, I almost did when the screen came up! That belongs in a manga somewhere, I think.

    My only creature fear of bats, and then it's only in my house. I've chased them, trapped and released them, and once (such a pacifist, overcome by PTSD) killed one. So there you go.

    Limerick, inspired by 3WW:

    Love, Amy

  7. Wonderful and the haiku was suberb!

  8. Sheilagh lee said;weird looking creature I might be afraid too. wonderful hiaku as well

  9. Loved both the axolotl and the haiku. I like to think of the axolotl family as the first adventurers that left the water to try out the land. In their way they were much like us reaching for the stars.

  10. Yes you do!!! Well done. Vb

  11. Hey, I tried doing a haiku with the three words but had such a bad case of writers block. Well done.

  12. fantastic pair RJ. on a sincere note alligators scare me quite a lot. i will rather not meet one face to face.

  13. fabulous haiku. I tried writing one for this week's words but found it too hard.

  14. I like your peculiar haiku. And I think you should post your "what if" haiku from Poetic Asides here. I thought they were clever; they made me smile.

  15. i hope my earlier comment was posted. :)

    that little guy looks like an alien.


  16. Your Haiku always interest me, but this one really impresses. Well done!!