Monday, April 11, 2011

What Might Well Be

Image provided by Monday's Child - Illustration by Edith Storer

What Might Well Be

In a shady spot 'neath the trees,
with a meadow nearby
I felt my hair blow in the breeze…
Ahhh…just some girls and I.
My two best friends, Bella and Jane
pretended that we were in Spain
or maybe France…
or maybe France…
where they’d find a debonair swain.

I said, “If I went far away
to England, Spain or France
I’d grand jeté in a ballet.
No prince. I wanna dance.”
My friends giggled at my folly.
Jane said, “Sarah, oh by golly!
You silly girl!
You silly girl!”
Bella said, “Isn’t this jolly?”

Then…Bella said, “I’ll be a spy
so I can save the world!”
“You can’t keep a secret, so why
be that?” Jane asked.  I twirled
my boater in a pirouette.
“If she wants to, Jane, then I bet
she’ll be a spy;
she’ll be a spy,”
and then I added, “Just not yet.”

“Well, I’m gonna be royalty!”
Jane said with a flourish.
“And I’ll demand your loyalty!”
“You’re so amateurish,”
I said.  I stood and curtseyed low.
“The truth is Jane, we just don’t know
what might well be;
what might well be:
but sun has set.  It’s time to go.”


Notes: Monday's Child provided a lovely prompt today of an illustration by Edith Storer.  The poetic form is Trijan Refrain.  I also have more poems posted today at Poetic Asides' PAD Challenge.


  1. RJ, love the poem it's perfect for the picture and the form is delightful. I see you are posting daily at PA, that site makes my eyes go loopy. Have you thought of posting directly to your blog? So, others and myself may read your poems;)


  2. Delightful piece of childhood dreams, lurking round under the magic of trees. Lovely write.

  3. Adorable set of daydreams, beautifully displayed.

    I agree with Pamela about the PA site - I post there and on my blog, in the hope that some PA poets will visit and then I can return the compliment. I am just not up to reading hundreds of closely-typed posts every day.

  4. The dreams of childhood - how lovely!

  5. Yeah, Lovely stuff! You have a great 'voice'!!

  6. Hi Pamela! Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm only sorry I haven't been around much (family events, day trips with kids, etc.) to post back at yours - and other nice (and talented) folks' sites.

    Anyway, maybe you're right - I should post my PA stuff here (as well as there, too.) It's a good idea. ☼

  7. RJ, I am another who will often write to the PAD prompt, but not today. I just can't go through all of the writing there, so if I write to it I just post in my blog. I find PAD cumbersome. As for this poem, it is delightful and magical and fun to read!

  8. fun word play.
    you have amazing imaginations.

  9. Viv - thank you! I agree that PA can get crowded, but I do like many in the community there. I'll probably start posting the PA poems here as well as there. (Makes sense!) ☺

  10. Mary - thank you so much for your kind words. ☼

  11. Ah yes, the dreams we had. :) Enjoyed!

  12. Nothing better then the dreams of young girls. Very nice verse.


  13. A wonderful childhood tale told in the ways of the an old book...the last stanza is superb..demanding of their "loyalty" being royalty...thank you for sharing....bkm