Monday, April 18, 2011

Old Sneakers, Ducks and New Moons

Hi!  I'm sorry I've missed a few days here, both for posting and for visiting.  Beside the kidlets being home this week (Spring Break) I've been working on something prose for a writer's conference tomorrow night.  Yes, I am a bit nervous, but (fingers crossed) hopefully it'll turn out to be something really good.

Anyway, here are today's poetry offerings:  Poetic Asides' prompt is 'Like ___' and the form is Shadorma.  Monday's Child has a lovely illustration by Elizabeth Webbe, and the form is Saraband.  And finally, one of the prompts listed on Big Tent Poetry is all about using an old wives' tales.  The poem for this prompt is also a Shadorma.

Image courtesy fineartamerica/Beth Stormont - Hangin' Around

Like Old Sneakers

Tossed over
a telephone wire,
except for
when someone tries to reach them:
they won’t come back down.


Wash Day

It’s wash day for Diana Duck.
She sings a darling, duckling song
and irons clothes.  She’s full of pluck.

And Dermid Duck, he joins right in
while folding laundry in neat stacks.
He places them in drawer and bin
and then he goes and gets duck snacks.        

And after that, they go to town
to buy a brand new eiderdown
in shades of blue and chocolate brown.   
At night the ducks sit on the deck.
Diana turns to give a peck                
to Dermid, who says, “Honey Bun,
I’m so glad all the washing’s done.”


Image courtesy of James Creek Outfitters

Seeing a new moon for the first time on a Monday will bring you good luck. – Old Adage

You can’t see
much of a new moon
on Monday
or any
other day, for that matter.
Is luck just hidden?



  1. Love the luck and moon piece. Hope you're well.

  2. Love, love, love the moon poem, RJ.


  3. Nice Shadorma. However did you come up with a name like Dermid. Suits the Ducks perfectly!

  4. A fun collection! And I noticed that Dermid in reverse became Dimred! Not saying what I thought the connection with Diana could be! Aaah! I read too much methinks!

  5. I love you duck couple and how they share in the chores of the day and bask in their love for one another at its end...thank you..bkm

  6. visiting from Monday's child.
    super fun and cute take.
    Glad it's done.