Friday, April 8, 2011

Go Fish!

Image courtesy of Jennifer Ardonlino/Deco Fish 4

Filled to the Gills

You flirt with me.  I blush.
A rush.
I flirt right back.  A ploy.
I’m koi.
A game of fish?  I nod.
We cod …
here in our aquapod.
I’ve such affinity
for scales.  Divinity
in this, our scrod ballade.


(Notes: One of the Big Tent Poetry prompts was to write something 'as though you were a fish' and One Stop Poetry's prompt for today was to write about a work of art.  Using Jennifer Ardonlino's Deco Fish 4, I combined the two inspirations into one playful deep-sea Ovillejo love poem.)


  1. You captured the image of both prompts perfectly. Well done!

  2. a cute verse, sure to generate a smile...

  3. I know I have said it before, RJ, but you always bring a smile to my face.


  4. This is delightful! "I'm koi." Love it!!!

  5. RJ, "afFINity"? This cracked me up. So many puns, so little time. Koi. Oy. You are my own personal giggle.

    I have fun, too:

    Glub, Amy

  6. Terrific word play - a pleasure to read!