Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prompt Delivery!

Happy 3rd Day of NaPoWriMo!  Hope everyone is having fun with poetic expression (and license.)  I posted a few poems at Poetic Asides earlier today, but now it's blog-time!

Prompts du jour:  Big Tent Poetry - 'write about making a phone call.'  One Single Impression - 'epidemic.'  

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Call Box

I put the dime in
and listened to it cascade down
to dime and human purgatory,
because after all,
what could I possibly get for a dime
but a quick local call
so I could say, “Please come pick me up.”
...and hope that someone might answer
on the other end.

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What would happen if
the only epidemic
was the spread of laughs?



  1. On, "epidemic" the possibilities are endless, RJ. Love it!


  2. You want an epidemic of laughs and I want love. It would be a wonderful world then wouldn't it!

  3. Epidemic is perfect. It spread a smile to my face.

  4. I just posted the same context. I write before I read, so I find it interesting when others write with the same vision. Love how laughter becomes an epidemic.

  5. fantastic "epidemic" and touching "phone call"

  6. Indeed it will be beautiful.. and pure coincidence.. if you want to know how it will look visit my second entry on OSI..