Monday, June 3, 2013

Golden Slumbers

Deep Slumber by Pál Jávor, date unknown - image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Golden Slumber

“Sleep pretty darling, do not cry.  And I will sing a lullaby.” ~Golden Slumbers, Lennon/McCartney

Sing me a lullaby; I’ll wait.
Your fairy music comforts me.
We’ll dance around the willow tree
and even ‘though it’s getting late

I’ll feel your breeze; my fears abate.
I’ll stand beneath that willow tree.
Your fairy music comforts me.
Sing me a lullaby; I’ll wait

to hear the dulcet tones create
the words, the notes, a music plea
of fairies and a willow tree.
‘Til golden slumbers actuate,
sing me a lullaby; I’ll wait.

Notes:  This is another Rondel.  The theme was 'slumber' as suggested by Khara House on her Our Lost Jungle site 's Thirty by Thirty Challenge.  This was from yesterday, but I finally got around to finishing this poem.


  1. The rondel is a perfect form for a slumber poem; the constant turning back on phrases is so much akin to drifting to sleep. This is lovely!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words and the inspiration!