Saturday, June 8, 2013


Let's Go Fly a Kite, Gwen and John Anderson, image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


“True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher.” ~John Petit-Senn

With a gust, I soar like a kite.
I sweep the clouds with tint.
I am a soul, a satellite;
when I am moved, I sprint
across the sky.  I’m thus defined.
I cannot ever be confined
across the sky.
Across the sky
I will rise up.  I know my mind.

With a gust, I soar like a kite.
The breeze will be my guide.
I am a beam; I am a sprite
and yet my cord is tied
to earth, my home.  We share a space
with courage and abiding grace.
To earth, my home.
To earth, my home.
I will rise up.  I’ll win my race.

With a gust, I soar like a kite.
Strong winds makes me braver
than one might have guessed.  I am flight:
I can never waver.
True courage is the freedom of
conviction.  When push comes to shove
true courage is…
True courage is
a kite that soars: hues tinged with love. 


Notes:  The form is Trijan Refrain.  My poem was inspired by the prompt 'courage' from Khara House's Thirty by Thirty Challenge.  I like the kite metaphor of rising up from the pull of heavier things which surround it, because in that first moment of flight, each individual can find the courage to do so many different things, especially those things which were never expected.