Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Three HexSonnettas

Hexagon by Claudine Rodriguez,2005; image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

European Education

“In Paris, you learn wit, in London, you learn to crush your social rivals,
in Florence, you learn poise.” ~Virgil Thomson

In Paris, you will learn
to use your clever wit.
In London, you’ll admit,
you’ll crush your foes, in turn,
as social rivals burn.
That’s how you will acquit

yourself with great aplomb.
And then, in Florence, you’ll
be brilliant, oh-so-cool
and hold glam in your palm.
With poise you can be calm
(A guideline – not a rule.)

In travel, you’ll go far
just like a boss rock star.


Unrequited Love

“I tell you I like you all the time.  Or at least in my head, I do… “~Unknown

This unrequited crush
is solely in my head:
a constant running thread
about which I could gush
but words are all a-hush.
I wish I could, instead,

say what I truly think.
I’d like to ask you out
but then, I’m filled with doubt.
I’m almost at the brink
when confidences shrink
How long can this drag out?
This unrequited view
must go.  “Hey…I like you…”


Child’s Play

With driveway chalk we drew
a hopscotch board of squares:
some single; some in pairs,
and then we got in queue.
A stone, each kid then threw
to mark off ‘ mine’ or ‘theirs.’

We played ‘til Tim got bored.
He tapped someone. “Hey, you
are it!” The game morphed to
Freeze Tag. Our giggling horde
would dash, then freeze, to ward
off being tagged. It’s true.

We only left the street
to go inside to eat.


Notes:  The form is HexSonnetta, which is the In-Form Poet form of the day at Poetic Bloomings.  The first two poems were inspired 'Crush,' the theme for today at Khara House's Thirty by Thirty Challenge.  The third poem was based on the prompt of 'Child's Play' at Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides.


  1. The last one is my favourite. So much is familiar about it!

    1. Thanks. That's why I wrote it, although I don't recall a Tim living nearby. (haha!)

  2. I agree with Misky but I do really like the second one, also. It makes me think of Jr High crushes.

    1. Thanks! That was kind of the feel I was going for. :D

  3. The last one is also my favorite. Brings back memories.