Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's a Bit Bitter

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Angostura Bitters Sonnet

This sonnet was written to rhapsodize
on Angostura’s mysterious brew.
Who knows its strange secrets?  Only five guys!
Combine it with mixed drinks.  Here’s what you do:
Add a dash to Manhattan, Ponche Crema,
a Singapore Sling or Trinidad Sour.
A drop in a Shandy is not a dilemma.
Top off a Sazarac next happy hour.

Rob Roys and Sundowners can benefit
from Trinidad’s famous tonic of spice.
If you make a Zombie, just put a bit
into your goblet, along with crushed ice.

So, here’s to refreshment.  Share with a friend.
This sonnet is now at its bitter end.


Notes:  The form is Shakespearean Sonnet.  Khara House's 30 x 30 Challenge prompt today is 'Bitter' so in keeping with the theme, I wrote this poem largely to arrive at the final couplet.  However, I did find out that this secret concoction from Trinidad and Tobago is 44.7% alcohol by volume (so don't drink it pure!)  I also learned that it can work well when sprinkled on meats and fish, too.  To be honest, I have never actually tried Angostura Bitters , so perhaps I'll add a dash of it to something, now that I've written about it.