Monday, June 3, 2013

Red Satin Dress

Woman in Red Dress, Anton Einsle, 1838 - image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Red Satin Dress

“Gossip is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.” ~Liz Smith

She knew the dirt, she knew the score.
She wrote about it, savoring
each wicked morsel, favoring
the lucky few, ‘though most she’d gore

and leave for dead, or worse. News? Sure.
Her pen of blood?  Unwavering.
She wrote about it, savoring.
She knew the dirt, she knew the score.

Her fans would clamor, “More! More! More!”
for poisoned-gossip flavoring.
Her victims still are quavering
while cursing the red satin whore.
She knew the dirt, she knew the score…


Notes:  The form is Rondel.  The poem was inspired by the theme of 'Red' from Khara House's Our Lost Jungle's 30 by 30 Challenge.  I missed yesterday's challenge because (among other event) I was at the doctor's (for my son - he was bitten by a tick!)   I'll try to catch up on that, along with Poetic Blooming's Sunday Bloom later.  And if you get a chance, and want a good chuckle, check out Madeleine Kane's Humor Blog - the limericks there are awesome!

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